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8 Tips for Organizing the Best Pool Party in Malta

8 Tips for Organizing the Best Pool Party in Malta

8 Tips for Organizing the Best Pool Party in Malta

And how you can make it the most exceptional one ever 



Summer might be your favorite season, and if it is not, it should be. Not only everything about summer says fun, happiness, and energy, but it’s the best time to take off those long sleeves and let your skin breath for a bit. 

Whether you are a pro swimmer, a surfer, or just someone like me who likes to get in water and just remain there while doing nothing, summer remains the perfect time to blow off that steam that you have accumulated along the remaining three seasons and get ready for the coming seasons. 

This is xjismu, and today’s article is dedicated for those who love to live their day as if it’s their last. In this blog post, we will showcase the top 8 tips to turn a pool party into the one that you have always been dreaming of.  

But before getting into the middle of it, here’s a quick reminder for our lovely reader to follow us on our social media platforms so that you can stay updated with anything and everything that says Malta. 

With that being said, let’s get this article on the road and start with the first tip: 


  • Invitation

Organizing a pool party in Malta is indeed something great, but no one will hear about your party unless you invite some people to the venue where the party is held. Still, if you want your party to stand among the crowd and be remembered for the years to come, you need to deliver the word to your invitees in a special way that is worthy of your event.
For instance, you can start by designing an old-fashioned invitation card and give it to them one by one. Otherwise, you can opt for a more modern way and send an e-mail invitation with a calendar attachment. This way everyone will be reminded by their phones on the day! You can also create a Facebook event where guests can RSVP. 

  • Food

If you are planning to have a pool party in Malta full of happy invitees instead of an upset crowd, you need to consider this point over and over again. No one will enjoy anything if they’re hungry. So, if you want your party to end in a success, then make sure to provide your invitees with a sufficient amount of food before they set foot inside your venue. Food is an essential part of every single party. Parties are about fun, and fun consumes energy.

But before ordering your favorite meals for your invitees, you need to be considerate of your invitees’ taste and the type of party you are hosting. You need to bear in mind that pool parties require a special kind of meals that allows the people present in the party to enjoy swimming in the pool without fear that the nachos that they have just taken might turn into their stomach’s worst nightmare. 

So, make sure to provide enough food for all your invitees, and make sure to pick a menu that is “risk-free” and that is tasty at the same time. Avoid spicy food in most cases. 

  • Drinks

Just as food, drinks are an important part of a pool party’s success. Whether you are planning to host a pool party in Malta, or just invite your friends to chill at your house, having fresh drink in a close cooler is crucial for the success of your event. 

But when it comes to the success of your pool party, you need to avoid alcoholic drinks as much as possible. Why so, simply because too many alcoholic drinks may lead to the parties’ failure. After all, nobody wants to host a party where your best friend drinks too much liquor and puke in the swimming pool. This would officially mean the end of your party and the sign that everybody should start going home. So, make sure to provide light drinks for your invitees, and a sufficient amount of fresh water as well, and make sure to keep them cool in case anyone wanted a cool drink all of a sudden or if you are planning on hosting your party in summer. 

  • Don’t forget the Decorations! 

No one wants to get into a venue and wander whether it’s a happy event or sad one. Your party venue sets the mood for the event, and this can be clearly seen in the type of venues that people choose in order to host their event in. most importantly, you need to decorate your venue in a way that allows it to spark joy and deflects positive vibes. 

A pool party in Malta means joy. Not only it is an event where the invitees, and even the host, blow off steam and enjoy their day as if it is their last, but the host needs to make sure that every minute they spend is full of excitement. So, make sure to buy some pool party decorations for your venue, and have some lightening to have an energetic feel and to keep your invitees from feeling dizzy. No one wants to invite people to sleep instead of partying. 

While looking for decorations for your venue, you may find preset pool party ones. But if you want to get creative, you may pick them separately and create your own combination that is most suitable for the venue that you have selected. Just make sure to buy ones that are new and, most importantly, ones that are clean. You do not want your invitees to keep sneezing or to develop an allergy while being at your event.  

  • Snacks

You may have prepared the best meals for your invitees, and you might have already figured and prepared all the above-mentioned elements. But, have you considered the possibility that your party can be much more fun than you might have imagined?  

So far, we have mentioned the necessary elements to guarantee the success of any typical pool party in Malta. But again, we both know that you are not looking for a typical Maltese pool party. This is why it is important to jot down on the list some optional elements that will increase the possibility that your pool party will be the most exceptional one ever. And one of these optional elements: is the point of snacks.  

Now, you might be asking yourself: what’s the point of having a dedicated table for snack when there’s already sufficient food in the kitchen? In fact, having a dedicated table for snacks might be an amazing option after all, since it will not only give your invitees a sense of freedom as if they’re in their house, but it will also keep them in a good mood since most snacks have that secret ingredient that stimulates the hormone of happiness in our brain. So, not only you’ll have invitees with full stomachs, but you will have happy ones as well. 

  • Prepare the Pool 

You might have already rented a farmhouse, which in case you didn’t, then you should consider the idea. Farmhouses are amazing venues for a pool party in Malta, especially since they are usually very spacious. They also give you the needed versatility to customize them according to your party needs. But in case you’ve already rented one, then have you already prepared its pool for the event?  

By preparing a pool we do not mean filling with water and cleaning it. Although these elements represent the basics, bear in mind that they do not give the feel of a pool party. You should start by putting some light around the pool if you ever considered keeping the party going at night. Throw a number of inflatables in the pool, and spray some refreshing scent around it when the party is about to start. 

  • Music

If your venue shapes the mood for your event, then music represents the energy that fills the atmosphere. Almost everyone listens to music. In fact, a lot of individuals are affected by the kind of music that they listen to. This means that you need to create a Playlist that spreads energetic vibes around in order to keep your invitees in a positive mood all along the day.  

Also, you need to meet the taste of the people that you have invited. You cannot create a pop Playlist for people who only listen to R&B. This will either annoy your guests and push them to keep asking to change the music, or even leave your party if the genre is too disturbing for them.  

So, take into consideration the taste of the people that you have invited. A pool party in Malta needs to last as long as possible. So, make sure to hit them with something amazing.  

And in case they differ in taste, then create a playlist that groups multiple genres. This is a sort of trick that pushes the guests to wait for upcoming songs that may meet their preference, and thus, indirectly stay in your pool party. 

  • Games & Entertainment 

Although having some pleasing music playing in the background may keep your invitees joyful for a period of time, you need to keep in mind that a pool party in Malta requires more entertainment in order to keep the party going. 

For a starter, you need to prepare some individual and collective games for your guests. Think about some group games of 4 or 5 people in one single round. You can think of some competitive games as well like pull the rope, but make sure that the floor is not slippery. 

Still, even if you manage to host the most amazing games ever, you need to understand that your invitees will get tired eventually. And when they do, you need to think of something that will keep them entertained till the end of the party. For example, you may consider hiring a freelance magician to drop some tricks and amaze your guests every once in a while 

But what keeps people even more energized than just being entertained is the fact of being given presents. Everyone likes to receive a little gift no matter how small it is. After all, it’s the action that really matters and not the size or value of the gift as the proverb goes. Your gifts should not be expensive at all. They can be as small as a little box with a collective picture of you and your guests, a thank you not for them for making the event a success, and little cupcake. Make them feel that they matter, and it is mostly suitable to give them the gifts at the end of the party. 

Safety Hazards at a Pool Party in Malta

This is the point that most hosts forget when hosting a party. Hosting a successful pool party in Malta is indeed something to be proud of. But, always bear in mind that something bad might happen at any moment. Taking precautions and having a plan B if anything goes wrong is of great necessity. If alcoholic drinks are involved, keep in mind that even though a pool is not deep, someone can still drown. Make sure that there is a first aider present especially if there are kids present. 

This is why it is of great importance to prepare yourself for the unexpected and to provide your guests with an etiquette to follow in order to make sure that your party goes as smooth as you thought it would. 



From the above-mentioned points, it seems fair to say that you now have that extra edge of knowledge on what concerns organizing parties, and more specifically pool parties. Bear in mind that these tips are not fixed condition that guarantee the success or failure of a specific pool party. Always be prepared for the unexpected and hope for the best, and if you ever decided to get creative and either add or omit a tip of these, then make sure to always have a plan B in case that illuminating creativity didn’t end as you expected. 

A Pool Party in Malta is one of the greatest events that you can ever host. So, if you are planning to organize one, then you should definitely go for it. And if you already hosted a pool party in Malta before, then you already attained a new level of fun that you seriously should be proud of. 

And if you would like to get more content on what concerns Malta, then make sure to check us more often and follow us on our social media platforms in case you didn’t. 

This was xjismu! See you in the next article. 

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