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Beach BBQ in Malta – All you need to Know 

Beach BBQ in Malta – All you need to Know 

Beach BBQ in Malta – All you need to Know 

 The golden sands, bright days and a mesmeric landscape spread over azure waters are some things that define Malta at its best. However, when it comes to the range of options for foodies, the list is never-ending! Maltese cuisine is a blend of exotic spices, customs and ingredients. The multi-ethnic blend of its past creates a plethora of culinary options which can be enjoyed by visitors from all round the world. While the options of dining out in Malta are limitless, however, one must have experience in a tourist to do list should be a beach BBQ in Malta. The perfect pairing of Beaches and barbecues in Malta- undoubtedly is a dream come true. 

 With the stringent regulations being put, Malta saw a slight twist in the beach BBQ situation. Mostly due to the state in which most beaches are left after a night-time grill session. With laws and regulations set to control the local staple; a lot more cleanliness is expected, and rightly so! 

 A BBQ in Malta – What not to forget  

The golden rule is to not irritate Mother Nature obviously. It is ideal to use a gas BBQ in Malta. However it’s very inconvenient to carry a gas tank to the beach, so using charcoal is the most practical way. Some might say that food tastes better when cooked on charcoal, so the result will be even better. Keep in mind that when turning off your barbecue, use sand not water since steam might injure you. 

One small step in the utilization of the wood charcoal would be to use it as a pesticide rather than as a polluting agent after going for a BBQ in Malta. One can thoroughly reuse it as a pesticide for their garden, a smell repellant and even to keep flowers blooming for a few more days. 

Likewise kindly we realize it may seem like somewhat of a torment. Yet keeping hands on reusable cutlery and kitchenware is a must when planning beach BBQ in Malta. A cool range of picnic baskets ensure a hassle-free barbeque outing; while also helping to abstain from utilizing expendable cups and plates. 

Opting for an ashtray would be a very smart step for tourists who like to smoke 

 Where to Host it 

  • Golden Bay 

 Golden Bay as the name suggests is one of the most famed as a BBQ spot in Malta. For setting a BBQ here one needs to apply for a license with the Mellieħa Local Council. Grants for up to 15 individuals will cost around €5. However, use of charcoal is prohibited here, hence one can go for a gas BBQ option. 

  • Armier Bay 

 Located beside turquoise waters, Armier Bay is one of the best places to set up a beach BBQ in Malta. BBQs can be set up at both little Armier and Armier Bay and not on the pliers or platoons. The beaches offer an ideal spot for a family alfresco meal. However you need to obtain a permit from the Mellieha Local Council. 

  •  Torri l- Abjad 

 Yet another surreal location to have a BBQ in Malta is it-Torri I-Abjad. Overlooking a watchtower (Ahrax Tower), Torri – I- Abjad is one of the places in Mellieha which allows a charcoal BBQ. One can have the time of their life enjoying the exquisite sunsets while binging on the luscious specialties. However, tourists need to get a permit from the local authorities before going ahead with their plans. 

  •  Bahar ic- Caghaq 

Bahar Ic-Caghaq is a stretch of rocky coast perfect for having a family day out or picnic outing with friends. As being a little more lenient with barbecues; one needs consent from the Naxxar local council in the event with an excess of 10 individuals. Be that as it may, the expense of the license is just €7 – without music; hence, making it a pocket-friendly set up of BBQ in Malta.

An additional grant needs to be obtained in case one plans on making the outing more melodious and fun. As the Ghadira s-Safra area in Bahar ic-Caghaq is protected due to its ecological importance, special measures are taken in protection and restrictions are imposed on bbqs, open fires, littering, or other acts of disturbance to nature for this special conservation area. 

  •  Gnejna Bay and Riviera Martinique 

 While Rivieira has an extra support from the Gaia Foundation both Gnejna and Riviera fall under the regulation of Mgarr local council, are exotic spots to do some grilling and chilling. With the Mgarr rules being a bit more permissive with regards to fuel, however, keeping a check on the rules and getting a license is all the more important when it comes to lighting a BBQ in Malta and specially in these two locations. The permit costs vary with regard to the size of the gathering and the party plans

  • Ghadira Bay 

The bay has similar rules to all other bays and follows the same procedure of setting BBQ in Malta. One needs to apply for the permit a little early and the BBQ setup is only allowed in the rocky areas. 

 What to Cook for your BBQ in Malta

 As the place get sorted, the next question that arises is what should one cook after setting up a BBQ in Malta. One can go for a sumptuous platter of Maltese bread or galletti, olives, capers, bigilla, ġbejniet (local cheeselet), as well as fresh and sundried tomatoes. Seafood, especially octopus, makes an excellent choice when in need of an exotic speciality.

For vegans as the options might be few but never in terms of their flavours. One of the best dishes that can be prepared on BBQ in Malta is veggie kebabs conainting long squash, marrows, peppers, tomatoes and a variety of local herbs. You can also opt for more typical dishes such as burgers, sausages, beef, pork or chicken. 


 The lesson to be learned from the stricter rules enforced is that respecting your environment is the only solution to enjoying some liberty. When reckless behaviour and poor judgement come into play, luxuries such as BBQs by the sea may become a nostalgic thing of the past for future generations. 

It is our responsibility to clean up after ourselves, respect the area we are visiting and follow the necessary procedures in order to keep this summer tradition alive. And we don’t know about you, but we certainly think it’s worth it! 

So being a little prepared with a kit and a valid permit for a BBQ in Malta is all the one needs. 


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