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Camping in Malta- What do I need? 

Camping in Malta- What do I need? 

Camping in Malta- What do I need? 

 Looking for an amazing adventure in Malta? But, do you know camping in Malta can be your solution?   

Camping is a nice way to connect with nature and to enjoy the natural serenity. It is the best time ever to bond with your family and friends. Camping in Malta is a nice way to explore the natural beauty of the country and to rejuvenate yourself. There are no  restrictions related to camping in Malta.  

Some sites are easily accessible by car and some need a trek. To make the fullest of your camping in Malta, you must prepare well and pack the essential things that are must to have for camping. Let’s find out what all do you need for camping in Malta. 

Identify a camping site 

Camping is a good way to invest your time with yourself and nature. Pick up a camping site that is convenient for you. The majority of your experience will depend on the site you choose. There are a couple of good options for you to pick from for camping in Malta. 

Camping in Camino 

This is the most popular camping option with facilities like shower and toilet available. You can explore crystal lagoon, blue lagoon, Santa Marija caves, etc if you camp here. The only way to get here is by ferry or by walk from the blue lagoon. 

Camping in L-Ahrax tal-Mellieha 

This is an official camping site located in the north of Malta. Camping here offers you glorious sunlight, a bright and beautiful night sky. You need to have a permit for camping here which costs around 15 euros and is granted by the local council. Easily accessible by car makes this a popular site for camping in Malta. 

Ghajn Tuffieha Campsite 

This campsite houses the official scouts as well and is accessible by the public. You would need to make a booking for camping here. The best part of this site is that facilities like showers and toilets are available here. Surrounded by two beautiful beaches. this site for camping in Malta is a site to try for. 

Malta Campsite, Armier 

If you are up to the most relaxing camping in Malta then Armier is the place to camp. This site offers the comfort of your home and camping experience. A booking is a must to visit this campsite. 

What are the camping essentials I should carry? 

If you are camping in a site that does not have many facilities, it becomes of importance to carry the essential stuff. These are the items you cannot camp without. Here are the items that you must be carrying with you for a pleasant experience. 


You must carry a tent with you even if you love sleeping under the stars. You just need to have them to save you from unexpected dew or midnight deluge. Ensure you carry the accessory as well required to set up the tent. 

Sleeping Bag 

This is a good to have item, that acts as a savior from insects and temperature drop when you are camping.  

Water Bottle 

Can you survive without water? Well, the answer is obvious “No”. Carry an adequate supply of water bottle along with you. The last thing would be you wondering for water. Always have a water bottle with you when camping in Malta. 


Camping in Malta is not complete without a crackling campfire. So ensure you carry a matchbox or cigarette lighter to set up a campfire. 

First aid kit 

When you are out, you must carry all the essential items and first aid kit is one of them. When camping in Malta,  you must carry a first aid kit. It helps you to wound small cuts and blisters if required. Camping can be harsh so you should prepare for it. 

Maps & navigation tools 

When you are planning to camp and explore the nearby areas it is always good to have the map with you. Getting lost during the trek is not new, so you must carry the maps that can get you out of such a situation when camping in Malta. 

Clothing & Gears 

Would you like to camp in wet clothes? No one likes and hence it is important to pack the right clothes and gears when packing for camping in Malta. You won’t have the luxury to carry many clothes and hence the clothes you pick must be adaptable and wearable at any weather. A waterproof rain jacket is must-have gear for camping. Pack your clothes diligently to enjoy camping in Malta. 

Headlight or Flash lamp 

Can you even imagine camping in Malta without a battery-powered light? It is difficult rather impossible to camp without a light. Ensure you pack headlight or any powered light for camping.  

Food & BBQ 

Camping is not fun if you do not have food or planned a BBQ.  Is not it fun having a BBQ when camping? Indeed they are, people often make BBQ a reason to plan for camping in Malta. Always carry some quick bites like a protein bar, chips, chocolates, etc. These quick grabs are easy to carry and are quick grabs. 

If you planning for a BBQ, ensure you carry a small BBQ equipment with you. Most of the sites do not have the facilities available, so you would be all on your own. Ensure you are careful when using BBQ, as BBQ can easily lead to tree fire if not managed correctly. There are fines if you are caught doing BBQ on the ground.  

The Thumb rule of camping is to leave the place clean when you leave. Do not litter around, it is not good for nature and you can get penalized as well for the same. 

Camping in Malta – Final words 

Camping in Malta is an adventurous and rewarding time. You can make the most of it if you have planned well and packed all the things that you need for your stay. Camping always creates some long-lasting memories, so prepare for the best one. Pick up your phone and call your family and friend to start planning for camping in Malta. 



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