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Children’s party in Malta – Top tips for the big day

Children’s party in Malta – Top tips for the big day

Children’s party in Malta – Top tips for the big day

Like any other parent, you want your kid to have a memorable party that they will remember for the rest of their lives. This motivates you to put in some extra effort into planning before the big day arrives so that you could see your child having a great time with their friends, while avoiding any mishaps. Party planning can be hectic and requires different tolerance level for different people and when it comes to stress from an event, kid’s parties are definitely up there. In reality, kids just need to get some parental attention and enjoy some time with friends. No one knows this any better than you, so you need to plan their party according to what they like. In order to reduce the stress and help you out, here’s some helpful tips you can use to host a successful children’s party in Malta 

Start with invitations

Who’s coming to this party? When is the party being held? Make sure that the location and time are viable for your guest list to ensure that most of the invitees turn up. Also, include your child in designing invitations by tracing their hand on the blank side of the card outside or tell your kid to decorate it with stickers, this will give the invitation a homemade look.

After sending the invitations, you need to know who’s coming at the party, how many adults will be there and how many children. This is important as you need to cater for both when it comes to food and beverages and also for seating.

The Gifts

Do not open gifts with same-age children in front. Open when everyone leaves. And if there’s a need to open the gift, open it aside from everyone-in a room to prevent a tantrum from other kids.

Do not forget to write down that who gave which gift. Send short thank you as they came out of their way. It’s hectic but appreciative of the guests. If there’s a grandparent in the household, this task can be assigned to them. 

Cakes and Goodies

Turning the cake into a game: Prepare a tray of mini cupcakes, muffins, or regular cupcakes and frost them either with icing on cupcakes or cream cheese on muffins. Put bowls of colored sugar, sprinkles, and mini chocolate chips. Now give the kids a chance to create their own personalized muffin. 

Goody Bags: More than what’s inside them, kids love goody bags. Therefore, you should avoid going for expensive stuff to put inside. To make it easy and simple, buy a box of sidewalk chalk and tie sticks together with a bright ribbon for each bag. Throw in a bottle of bubbles. Give them out by putting in cute and well-designed paper bags or in small decorated pails. The children are way too excited to see it coming. It is always a good idea to put candy and perhaps some stickers in the bag. Make sure that the birthday boy/girl gets a special goody bag.  

Preparing your Child  

The moment you tell your child about the party, you won’t stop hearing about it. More than preparing the child, you must prepare yourself for the constant nagging and eager questions that will drive you crazy. However, that’s what makes us fall in love with our kids at the end of the day. Avoid telling your child too soon since it can become a burden on you and they could feel the wait as if to be never-ending, you can also keep it as a surprise! 

The Games

In every children’s party it is important to have games. It will make their day more fun whilst keeping them focused on something rather than running around causing chaos. Here are some ideas for games that would be ideal for a typical children’s party in Malta: 

  • Let them be creative – They could try coloring birthday hats or put stickers on the birthday sign. 
  • Don’t miss on decorating your child while decorating walls and tables for the party. Do it with face painting, hand-stamps, or washable tattoos. 
  • Scavenger hunt is one thing kids enjoy the most. They can search for cheap little favors as ball or pinwheel, or some seasonal food as mini pumpkins, or if it’s winter season, give each child a mitten and let them search for the other matching one.
  • In games, reward everyone whether winner or loser. Make sure everyone gets a ribbon or a sticker just for participating. 
  • Music always works and energizes the mood. Parents usually call for a local kid’s performer to come over for a little performance. But if you want to keep it less expensive, take a music CD and crank the volume up. Set several of the children’s chairs in a row and put some toys on each chair for each kid. This will be a non-competitive musical chair. Turn on the music as long as the child strides around the chairs. Turn off the music and let your child pick a toy. Start again and then stop, this time putting down the toy the child already has and picking a new one. 
  • Musical game is to switch the music on and let the kids dance. When the music stops the kids will have to freeze. No child will lose to get discouraged and his heartbroken. Continue the game as long as the child is having fun and is not getting bored. The potato game: Seat the kids in a circle and pass around a toy when the music is on. On switching off, the child who has the toy in his hands gets out but there’s something fun planned for him as well in order not to ruin all the fun for him. The child holding the toy, in the end, will be the winner.  

Picking a Theme

Choosing best theme helps add a cheerful twist to your child’s party which can only make it more memorable. Here are some ideas you could use for a unique and original children’s party in Malta;  

  • Cotton Candy Birthday Party- a perfectly colored candy-themed party. 
  • Vintage-Inspired gumball Party- A great and unexpected way to add color to the party with sweets: your child’s favorites. 
  • Cupcake bake shop party- For the baker kids, it’s surely going to impress them. Put homemade sweets as your cakes icing. 
  • Nautical Party- An ocean themed party for your adventurer kid which is going to trigger a sea of imaginations to make the exciting with maritime fun. 
  • Football Themed Party- Do you have a sports lover kid? With this theme, their love for football is surely going to get immersed. Get the children to wear their team’s favorite jersey. 
  • Cherry Picnic Party- Make the day extra special with this nature’s tasty treat. 
  • Great Adventure Party- Include an action-packed scavenger hunt with exciting clues and treasures to make it more memorable adventure.  
  • Summer Camping Party- The theme’s designed for a summer birthday to get the kids moving outside under the night sky counting their stars. 
  • Pirate Party- A baddie theme but enough to make your child grinning all afternoon.  
  • Mystical Mermaid Party- Gets your girl feel like a mermaid with this under-the-sea-party, completing it with whitewashed shabby chic decor, stacks of sand castle-inspired sweets and seashell party favors. 
  • Pajama Party- Whether your sleeping beauty is in the mood of full-blown slumber party or want to have fun with pajamas, this theme rocks.
  • Cowboy Party- Depicting a Wild-West theme of which your child is a fan of. Include games of horseshoes, boot-shaped cookies and a classic cowboy boots are surely bring the cowboy culture at your home.
  • Planes, Trains and Automobiles Party- Is your kid a car lover? You’re going in the right direction with this theme. Make it a child’s play with easy-to-make cupcake toppers and some available decorations.
  • Woodland Wonderland Party- A woodland theme with some tasty desserts makes it splendid for your nature-loving child.
  • Ice Cream Party- Make ice cream balloons, ice cream party hats and create ice cream invitations makes this social gathering great. 

The Party Centerpiece

Don’t miss on to set up a themed party centerpiece. A party centerpiece could be the one thing that catches the attention of everybody, for example if you are hosting a pirate themed party, you could have a big ship in the middle. This allows everyone to take pictures with it, whilst creating that awe effect in both the children and the adults. 

You can either order your centerpiece from somewhere, which could prove to be expensive, or you could get your child and his friends involved in setting it up and decorating it. It could also be a fun family activity for everyone! You can also include it as one of your party’s games to decorate the centerpiece. The centerpiece can make your party one of the most original children’s parties in Malta, as you don’t find it very often, so be adventurous!



Planning your child’s party can be a hectic and stressful time since you want it to be perfect, however it doesn’t have to be. Use the above tips to your advantage and make sure to keep it simple and FUN. 

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