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Choosing the best outfit for a Maltese summer wedding – Top Tips!

Choosing the best outfit for a Maltese summer wedding – Top Tips!

Choosing the best outfit for a Maltese summer wedding – Top Tips!

A perfect and gorgeous wedding in Malta can be quite an achievement with the summer heat melting down all the makeup, getting worn out and unable to socialize with other people or getting a sunstroke are some of the pitfalls everyone wants to avoid. But more than that is the wedding dress in that sparkling heat. A Sunday can have many alternatives to spend the time going to the pool, beach or going for a boating etc. but the wedding day does not have any alternatives. The bright and sunny summer weather without any rainfall is the welcoming of wedding invitations and there goes your arrangements for choosing an appropriate dress for a Maltese summer wedding. 

With this many wedding parties, your options for your dress to be worn on next wedding is narrowed down and you run out of an appropriate outfit for your next wedding.  You need to dress accordingly as it’s sticky and windy. Also, the heat of the weather is one factor to be considered as well as the venue. Will the wedding be held outdoors or in a church? Churches usually have AC fitted inside which means heavy or stiff, hot suit will be unbearable making the event dull for you. You’ll also have to mind other’s expectations as they’ll be looking forward to see you in formal attire but you don’t have any smart suits? Stop getting all fussed up as here are some of the options you can choose from to look cool. Make it classy, simple and light and then you’re going to rock. 

Our Suggestions:

  1. Black Midi Dress

Black colour goes best for a Maltese summer wedding. It’s is an all favourite, whether it’s for a formal wedding or an informal one. One advantage of using black in the hot summer is that you won’t be showing sweat patches on your dress. Also, it’s a one garment situation, so there’s no need to pile up clothes on your bed for your appropriate matching outfit regime Go for a light and flow minimal midi-dress rather than an evening gown. Be classy by wearing a necklace and a strappy pair of heels. Do not forget to pick up your clutch. 

  1. Suit

Dresses aren’t your style? Then what about pantsuits? They’re a perfect alternative to a conventional cocktail dress. To make it stylish, add a silky top, chic heels and some earrings to complete your look. For a graceful appearance, the suit must be tailored with elegance and choose pastel colours than ushers. For fabric, go for linen or silk as it’s light and won’t be cumbersome on your body. 

  1. Floral Dress

A floral dress has an advantage that it can be re-worn at more than one occasion as it offers versatility. Nearly every girl keeps at least one floral maxi which can be worn with accessories. For footwear use sandals and add a bit of sparkle in your hair if the venue is a beach.  

  1. Lace

Lace is with the wedding and it is one of the most attractive and beautiful trends of summer. You can wear a lacy dress on a wedding as lace and wedding but avoid it to be white as you would not like it to be mistaken as a bride at a wedding. A lacy dress would give you a lovely appearance attracting a lot of eyes in your direction. 

  1. Sparkle Dress

Is the wedding party-all-night type? There are bars lined up with music cranked up and a lot of people waiting for you to join. Then dress according to the event as it’s the party of the year. Go with a lot of sparkle to shine there. 

  1. Tangerine Dress

A dress with a gorgeous bright colour is perfect with a modern and elegant vibe. 

  1. Jumpsuit

One of the remarkable trends for summer wedding is tropical prints and the prints don’t need to be on the dress only. A tropical printed jumpsuit will be a wow dress enabling you to keep your cool. This would be a great alternative in a Maltese summer wedding!

  1. Bow Down

An all in one outfit with mixing bows, florals and stripes is a pretty choice. They can become a real winner with a midi dress. 

  1. Print

Prints are always eye-catching giving a touch of whimsy look. Printed dresses with good colours, prints and a remarkable silhouette are loved by all complimenting any body type. The dress waits to get swooshed on the dance floor. 

  1. Lemon Color Dress

Lemon colour against a tanned skin looks excellent against tanned skin. This fine and delicate colour gives a classy feel.  

Do’s and Don’t 

Choose the colours wisely 

Go for pastel colours, especially in the morning. There’s also an option to mix these colours with bright neons. These colours are great for Maltese summer weddings!

Don’t dress for the wrong time 

Dress appropriately according to the occasion. Take into account appropriate timings of the occasion whether morning, afternoon or evening. Though the rules have become somewhat lax with time, but for everything, there’s a rule of thumb for what not to wear. Maxi dresses are pretty in nowadays, but avoid wearing them in morning weddings. Also, prefer them to be of light coloured or with floral pattern. For night weddings, avid wearing a fascinator. 

White Dress? 

Don’t dress in white from head to toe as you wouldn’t want to be mistaken as the bride and get on the top of the blacklist of the bride. Leave this colour for the bride to wear as it’s a special day for her. 

Don’t Dress Completely in Black

For a Maltese summer wedding, wearing black from head to toe is a no-go. It’s an obvious thing for men, but most women forget this. Wear bold shoes or do multi-covered makeup to accessories yourself well. Dressing in black all-over will give you a funeral-look. Also, don’t wear black at a morning wedding as it isn’t a morning look. 

Mind the Texture of Cloth 

Choose lightweight dresses which are comfortable for you to walk in. Heavyweight dresses will only make it hard for you to carry around and will eventually become unbearable, tiring you in the end.  

Take into account the dress’s length 

Do not wear short dresses or sequins as it’s going to give you a disco look. You need to dress for a wedding so try to choose a knee-length cocktail dress or midis. For a sophisticated look, you can try out pants as well which is a great option.  

Avoid Lathering up your foundation

It’s unlucky for girls that how their mascaras are going to get smudged, and the foundation is going to crack because of the bad weather. Avoid putting on too much foundation to prevent your foundation from cracking up. Keep a pocket mirror with you to fix makeup occasionally. 


Do not forget to apply SPF as it’s even more important than your makeup. Otherwise, everyone is familiar with the effects of spending too much time in the sun. It’s devastating.  

No Alcohol 

Avoid chunking a lot of alcohol down your throat as you would not like to embarrass yourself by tripping on someone or tearing apart your expensive clothes or by revealing some confidential information. Nobody would want to be the talk of the town after the wedding has passed. So, stay away from the open bar if you don’t want to step on the bride’s dress or be funny in some other way.  

If you can’t stay away from alcohol, then drink a glass of water with every shot of your alcohol. This will help you avoid the hangover after the wedding. 

Mediterranean Chic Vibe for Men

For male wedding guests in Malta, they should be wearing pocket squares or statement ties, or anything which makes them look chic and shine. 

Choose accessories wisely

Don’t wear extra accessories like hats and heavy jewellery unless you’re comfortable with it. If not, leave it otherwise it will make you uncomfortable and uneasy. No host likes their guests to be unhappy and awkward. In the morning reception, wear matte jewellery or pearls instead. Mornings are already shiny, chunky and sparkly and adding more spark to it with your jewellery will give a tacky look. 

Drink water and keep cool

To stay fresh and hydrated in the hot summer keep sipping ice-cold water with a lemon or cucumber slice in it.  


Don’t get tired by all the dancing on the dance floor and just to be on the safe side bring a gorgeous pair of flats as a classic Maltese summer wedding is usually loud and long. 

Some other options include linen, a shirt which looks good with or without a jacket as you’ll want to take off your jacket at some point to get comfortable when the most of showy part is over. A light, flowy dress is a good option to choose. Stay away from skin-tight dresses. 

You need to keep your dress formal even if you’re hot from the summer weather. It means no shorts, skirts, and if it’s a church wedding, women need to cover themselves so that their skin doesn’t show much. This is crazy but if you don’t follow this, you’ll miss the event. To cope with this choose a strappy dress which covers the shoulders but lets your arms breathe. Also, carry a thin shawl to cover on your shoulders. Make sure that it’s easy to carry it during the party. 

Make sure to check-out xjismu, to help you find the perfect venue when Planning a Wedding in Malta!

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