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Events in Malta 

Events in Malta 

Events in Malta 

 Malta is an admixture of eclectic cultures with events galore all year round. Events in Malta present a calendar- full of local and international entertainment, celebrations, feasts and festivals. The diverse blend of events in Malta cater to all areas of interest and age group. One is sure to find activities to revel in.  

Malta’s energetic performing rhapsodizations additionally offers a vastly diverse collection of theater, drama, and music. Also, the Maltese islands are a pool of an energizing cluster of global games. Tourists seeking true Maltese experience explore the dazzling native traditional celebrations, like, town feasts, Carnival and Holy Week festivities.Events in Malta range from exhibitions by global contemporary music stars to traditional music shows and jazz celebrations. 

 Cultural events in Malta

The Maltese islands hold a number of resplendent cultural and religious events annually. Cultural events are a part of life in Malta and some sacred days are really public occasions. Such as the blowout of Santa Marija in mid-August, the gathering celebration of Mnarja towards the end of June. The most significant of the occasions in Maltese towns are the individual feasts of the revered saints. International events such as Christmas and Easter, are profoundly celebrated, with the traditional merriments that accompany them.  


 Christmas is a cause of felicity and is profoundly celebrated in Malta and Gozo, both for its religious and cultural significance. The event is ejoyed in its full glory on the Maltese Islands, with the active participation of many. Nativity scenes, crib of christ, carol singing and other events are organised in each locality as well. It is a cultural and religious celebration profoundly ejoyed by all demographics. It is a cultural event highlight, which is popular among children and adults alike. 

 Malta International Fireworks Festival 

 The Malta International Fireworks Festival is the country’s most anticipated annual spectacle organised by the Ministry for Tourism and the Malta Tourism Authority. This stupendous occasion, which happens toward the finish of April to honor Malta’s promotion into the European Union on first May 2004, is held in Valletta’s Grand Harbor. The celebration fireworks shows are planned by pyrotechnic organizations and some of the top firecrackers plants. The event also has a unique musical element that is manifested in the Pyro-musical competition in which the fireworks are designed to match the rhythm of a musical number. Participants with the most impressive display are rewarded handsomely. The fest lasts for a fortnight and each night promises an amazing display of colour and coordination and the closing night truly ups the game. It is a show utterly unforgettable and one will cherish the ineffably magnificent moments for years to come. 

Notte bianca  

Notte Bianca is one of Malta’s greatest annual events and cultural celebrations that is held in the month of October. The Notte Bianca is a night to remember, illuminating the Valletta cityscape for a single night with an inspiring spectacle that is open to everyone free of cost. Tourists can hope to encounter the absolute best in music, move, theater, visual expressions, scholarly occasions, just as an exploration into the developing universe of new and fledgling digital arts.

During huge events in Malta such as the Notte Bianca, Valletta’s roads and open spaces are utilized in inventive, imaginative ways on account of a blend of wandering and site-explicit activities. Roads and piazzas are changed into scenes for shows, while numerous cafes and restaurants broaden their hours. Celebration spreads its joy on every road of Malta. The entirety of Valletta, from City Gate to Fort St. Elmo, wakes up on Notte Bianca, ensuring an important night that really holds something for everybody. 

Music Events in Malta

For a true transcendental musical experience venture in the euphonious events in Malta with music ranging from traditional folk music to metal and various forms of electronica. The musical events in Malta are widely popular among young people. 

Malta world music festival 

The Malta World Music Festival (MWMF) is an annually held event at Fort St Elmo in Valletta, one of the island’s most staggering and truly spectacular places. Next year it will be held from 17 April to 11 May featuring acclaimed world-renowned musicians. MWMF esteems the magnificence of cultural diversity, the trade and discourse of individuals foundations and the imperativeness that is a result of such encounters. The event is a masterful curation of musical themes. It is undoubtedly a worldwide creative feature that surpasses everyone’s expectations. The MWMF held in 2018 included Afro Celt Sound System, Trad.Attack, Electrik GEM, ANA ALCAIDE MÚSICA Refugees for Refugees and Cushion. To participate in the Malta International Music festival, candidates can apply online through video auditioning. 

 Malta Jazz Festival 

The Malta International Jazz Festival is one of the most diverse and awaited musical celebrations on the local cultural calendar. The fest takes place in the month of July, and it Brings together some of the best Maltese and international artists. This event in Malta is designed to elate its audience with contemporary jazz styles that are currently enrapturing the musical scene. The festival annually brings a diverse group of prominent artists to perform in the capital city, with preceding iterations having hosted world-class jazz artists such as Wayne Shorter, Herbie Hancock, Michael Brecker and Brad Mehldau. The event offers a variety of gripping and exciting events organised under Malta’s starry summer sky. The Malta International Jazz Festival is the most sought after pick of events for tourists and has a separate place in the local cultural calendar. 

 Valletta International Baroque Festival 

 Since its inaugural seven years ago, the Valletta International Baroque Festival has regaled audiences with unique events featuring some of the best ensembles in the baroque music scene. The event in Malta is usually held in one of the oldest working theatres, Teatru Manoel in the beginning of each year in January. This grand festival spanning over two weeks also plays out in many wonderful baroque and historical venues, such as St. John’s Co-Cathedral and the Grandmaster’s Palace. 

 Art Festivals 

 Art in Malta has been rich and diverse, beginning with the works of its Neolithic temples devoted to the cult of fertility. Malta’s art goes from prehistoric paintings of animals to intricate floral altar at Hagar Qim. The island to this day maintains and takes pride in its art and culture. Tourists can explore the diverse and beautiful works of art showcased in the events in Malta. 

The Malta International Arts Festival 

The Malta International Arts Festival has been around since 2006; delighting it’s festival goers with its blend of the finest cultural performers the world has to offer. It’s also a celebration containing a wide assortment of works of art, such as, theater, move, music and craftsmanship. It is annually held in the Mediterranean Conference Center, the MITP Theater, the Spazju Kreattiv at St. James Cavalier in Valletta and others. The Malta International Arts Festival is a haven for creative minds that lauds the artistic expressions of local talents. It presents a unique stage to exhibit their craft and draw in with more extensive crowds. It likewise has settled unfamiliar acts at different scenes in and around Valletta. From virtuoso performers to Shakespearean dramatization, shocking visual establishments, to amazing scenery. The Malta Arts Festival has always strived to improve the nearby social schedule with a large group of must-see occasions. 


The events in Malta are a tempting choice for tourists seeking cultural exploration and having some fun. So, Malta truly deserves to be atop every tourists travel list! 

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