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 Fireworks in Malta 

 Fireworks in Malta 

Fireworks in Malta 

Since the era of the knights of Saint John fireworks in Malta have been a conventional expression of celebration. For a long time, fireworks were used as a declaration of achievement and splendor such as the election of new popes and masters, birth of a prince, and the feast of the patron saint. The tradition of Fireworks in Malta has been carefully kept alive till date in most of the feasts which are celebrated throughout Malta and Gozo, particularly during summer. 

Malta Fireworks Festival

Organised by the Ministry of Tourism and Malta Tourism Authority, Maltese Islands honour the craft of fireworks during the Malta International Fireworks Festival, a three-day occasion that witnesses the participation of both domestic and non-native pyrotechnics. The celebration is one of the fundamental features in the Maltese calendar of occasions and has become famous all around the world. 

 With the display of Fireworks in Malta on a grand scale, one can easily imply that Maltese people take pride in their history and commemorate this tradition with much pomp and passion. There are 30 plus fireworks factories in Malta and numerous parish feasts, conveying the importance of the pyrotechnics and firework production in the Maltese Culture. Another noteworthy aspect of this tradition is the act of volunteering, in which individuals take initiative in the production of fireworks with a motive to take their culture ahead and to boost the morale of these crafts workers. 

While all this sounds tempting, it is very likely to get confused about what to attend! Worry not, below is a list of festivities that will provide a sorted picture on how to witness the best Fireworks in Malta. 

Season of Fireworks in Malta  

The exuberant time of Fireworks in Malta kickstarts in the golden summer days. The vibrant and colourful skyline of Malta is the basic highlight of the place during summers and is no less than a magical experience. As simple as it may sound, tourists are often found admiring the Fireworks in Malta as a heavenly recreation. The buzzing village life accompanied with excitement about cultural events, creates an equally enlightening and fun-filled getaway for tourists who wish to be a spectator to this marvel. 

Fireworks Festivals of Malta 

 Observed over a span of four evenings in the months of April and May, the occasion is managed by the Ministry for Tourism and the Malta Tourism Authority. The Malta International Fireworks Festival hosts the crème de la crème both native and non-native pyrotechnic organizations as they compete in full-spirits with their fireworks to vie for a few lofty honors. Past versions of the celebration have occurred at Valletta’s Grand Harbor, in Mqabba and Xaghra, Gozo. Beside the principle prize of Best Fireworks Display, the celebration additionally has a Pyro-musical rivalry where groups synchronize the pop, impacts and blasts of their firecrackers to coordinate the cadence of melodic numbers. In past releases of the celebration, pyrotechnic organizations from Malta, Italy, the UK and the USA have brought home gold awards and added to the pride of Fireworks in Malta. The celebration consistently ensures a mystical experience; coming with a combo of vibrantly hued evenings that work best to charm both local people and tourists. 

Ground Fireworks in Malta 

 Just as mesmerizing the aerial fireworks are, Malta has its share of Ground fireworks which are a vital aspect of any Maltese festa festivity. Over time, these presentations have advanced into a special pyrotechnic custom of their own all throughout the island. They are the center of attention when it comes to any aerial fireworks show. The Malta Mechanized Ground Fireworks Festival devotes to commending the best of these grounded pyrotechnic advancements.

Held at the Floriana Granaries, the Malta Mechanized Ground Fireworks Festival hosts a competition of local factories in Malta. Each member contends by displaying two motorized Catherine wheels. The winner is thereby declared by taking into consideration three classifications; best system, best items utilized and inventiveness of show as far as plan and development. The Catherine wheels are then lit up to wrap up the amazing celebration. 

 Mqabba Feast 

 Packed with a traditional rural layout, Mqabba has major contribution in the fame of Fireworks in Malta. Over a span of 10 years, the St Mary Fireworks Factory of Mqabba has developed into one of the most inventive pyrotechnic organizations on the island. The feast of St. Mary, held for a week paves the way to the fifteenth of August; when a beautiful firestorm sets free over this quiet little town. Features from earlier years have incorporated a 57-meter high Tower of Light; which shoots out firecrackers to make special impacts, shapes and letters; and furthermore a pyro-musical show where 10,000 shots were synchronized to present different music genres.

The fabulous show combines with conventional multi-break splitting shells known as “beraq” and hued shells that gleam and flare. Apart from the fantastic aerial show, the parish set up motorized ground fireworks outside the premises of the village. As phenomenal as Fireworks in Malta can get; one of the most fascinating aspects yet remains the size of ground firework during the Santa Marija feast. Which is as long as 10 meters.  

Feast of St. Mary’s (Mosta) 

The feast of St. Mary (or Santa Marija as it’s known locally) is undoubtedly the greatest feast on the island. Seven towns celebrate this feast on the fifteenth of August. However, Mosta has acquired an eminent place when talking about Fireworks in Malta. Adding to this is Mosta’s fabulous rotunda church which festoons the Piazza town in its bright hued lights. And this is just not it, the dine works of Mosta’s firework factory ensure that the feast is an unforgettable affair for every spectator.

One of the recent editions to this tradition is the introduction of the Symphony of Fire by pyrotechnicians in 2019. They utilized in excess of 6,000 sparkles in an epic 23-minute music synchronized display including; catherine wheels, streaks, aerial firecrackers and more to create an amazing impact. 

Feast of St. Philip’s (Zebbug) 

The feast of St. Philip’s in Zebbug is renowned for hosting one of the most superlative Fireworks in Malta. The feast, which is held in June, is a major crowd puller and catches the fancy of both locals and tourists alike. Probably the greatest achievement was 2014’s Pyro Rhapsody. In excess of 4,000 pyrotechnic materials were hung together to deliver a masterclass of a 40 minute firecracker show. Likewise with each feast, this is a free show. For a better viewing experience, a pocket-friendly option of booking seats with €2 is also available.  


 With so much happening around a short span of time, one thing of concern for the tourists is transportation. However, in Malta one can always opt for public means of transport to get around. Apart from this, taxi services are also available for tourists wanting a private travelling experience. Owing to its small topography tourists can hop from one place to the other and enjoy the fireworks in Malta while being a part of different feasts and occasions. And while fireworks in Malta point to an age old custom. It has beautifully adapted this tradition to newer events like musical nights, theatre events and contemporary festivals. 


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