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Hikes in Gozo -Breathtaking Trails

Hikes in Gozo -Breathtaking Trails

Hikes in Gozo – Some Breathtaking Trails

Gozo, a sister island of Malta has some amazing, rewarding, and sensational trails in the world. It is an excellent way to take a break from daily stress and spend some time close to nature walking and visualizing some astonishing views. Hikes in Gozo are pretty popular among the residents and they enjoy it to the fullest. Needless to mention that hiking also brings in an abundance of health benefits like improved mood, reduced stress, and mental wellbeing. Thinking where you should be heading for your next hike? Take a deep breath, as we introduce you to some of the best trails for your hikes in Gozo. 

Valley of Nadur and Ramla Bay

Is hiking new for you? If yes, then this is the trek you should be doing for your first astounding experience. You would enjoy walking this trek which will be passing through the sandy bay of Ramla. Enjoy the lookouts on the way, while you enjoy the best views of the Mediterranean Sea. This is one of the easiest and beautiful hikes in Gozo, which is why it is popular among the hikers. Ensure you wear hiking shoes and a jacket to protect you from the wind. Do not forget to carry a water bottle and food for yourself when on this hike.  

Gebel Ben Gorg Cliffs and Dwejra Bay

This hike identifies itself as one of the people’s favorites hikes in Gozo due to the presence of some spectacular views. Once known for the Azure Window, this trail has got some magnificent sites and places. When on the trek, you would experience the typical Maltese countryside.  You can choose to hike at this location at any time of the year. Remember to have your hiking boots on, to enjoy the breathtaking trails.  It is always good to munch while you walk, ensure you carry some healthy food along with you. This trek is 15 km long and takes about 4 hours to complete. There are some good spots for you to stop and refresh. 

Bahrija-Ras id-Dawwara-Qaws Circular Trail

Are you a fan of the country roads trail? If yes, this could be the hiking route you should be selecting for your next hike. Starting from the Bahrija, this 13.4km, one of the moderate difficulty hikes in Gozo has some majestic views, that makes this pretty popular. Given the summers are too hot in Gozo, avoid summers for this trek. You can choose spring, winter, or autumn season for this trek. Remember to wear clothing that is fit for the weather you choose and carry a small trek backpack with food and water.  

Qala to Xaghra

This is an exciting trek for you to experience some panoramic views of agricultural land and farmer’s field in Gozo. This is one of those hikes in Gozo in which you can experience and view some sensational countryside views. You would be spending close to 5 hours enjoying serene beauty in this 13.2km hike. You could choose either spring or autumn to enjoy this trek. Ensure you check the weather before you plan and avoid the rainy days. Healthy food gives keeps you going so do not forget to carry them while you are on the trek. This sounds to be the trail you wanted to go. Call your friends and enjoy the most stunning hikes in Gozo with them. 

Qala to Mgarr via Hondoq Bay

Hikes in Gozo is popular in the spring season. It is perfect weather to enjoy long walks and spend some time with nature. This is a short walk of about 10 km and can be completed in 2.5 hours. To enjoy some scenic beauty and spring flowers, this is the trek to opt for. The best part is that you do not need any specific gears for this one, as this is a relatively small walk, hiking shoes are just sufficient.  

The island of Comino

Starting and ending at Blue Lagoon, this is one of the simplest hikes in Gozo, of course you must first take a boat to this island which can also be taken from Malta. If you are the one who wants to view some stunning cliff arches than this 7km walk will not disappoint you. There are some popular lookouts in this trek, do check them out for some breathtaking views.  The places along the trek are gorgeous. Spend the time and enjoy your trek. This one won’t disappoint you. Make the most of the hikes in Gozo. 

Marsalforn to Rabat via Wied il-Ghasri

Are you a fitness freak? This trek will testify to your fitness and stamina. Starting from Marsalforn and to Wied il-Ghasri, this 9.2 km trek stands different when compared to other hikes in Gozo. Unlike other hikes in Gozo, all the walk-in here is along with salt pans. Imagine what a spectacular view it would be!. This is an adventurous trek with an opportunity to view some of the best views of Gozo. Put your hike boots on and head of to this adventurous hike in Gozo. Always remember to carry sunscreen whenever you are on hikes in Gozo.  

Final words from xjismu

Hikes in Gozo are the best way to explore the abundance of beauty that Gozo is blessed with. Explore some native flora and fauna while you enjoy your amazing time in Gozo. Remember to familiarise yourself with the map and canary the map with you while you explore Gozo in your footsteps. Grab your phone, call your best mate and plan the trek of your life. Take your camera and capture some priceless memories. 


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