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Music Festivals in Malta 2020

Music Festivals in Malta 2020

Music Festivals in Malta 

Malta is known as the live music city, offering a huge variety of music forms, experiences, and venues for the audience to choose from. Music festivals in Malta attract a large number of happy crowds every year and this number is growing year on year. It is a country where you can enjoy the music along with the dazzling beauty of nature. This gem is a hotspot or a hub to all the types of music festivals in Malta. From stage performances to live orchestra and to fireworks you can enjoy all of this in one place. The best part of the music festivals in Malta is that you can enjoy them throughout the year. There will be one or other festivals happening all the time.

Looking to know more about the music festivals in Malta? Here are all the details about the music festivals in Malta that would help you decide to visit one. 

Valletta Baroque Festival 

Join the cool crowd and get a chance to hear some renowned and popular baroque music artists. This unique part of this festival is that it is hosted at the world’s oldest theatre Teatru Manoel which adds the historical atmosphere to the event.  When visiting this music festival you get an opportunity to visit Valletta Archaeological Museum and St. John’s Co-cathedral along with some majestic musical performances. Visit this musical feast along with the international and local audiences and have a fun filled day. 

Malta International Music Festival 

Want to hear some blistering instrumentalists and talented singers from all over the world? Malta international music festival is the festival to experience this all. Titled as the most popular of all the music festivals in Malta, this event attracts popular singers, instrumentalists, and audiences from all around the world. You would be amazed to hear varied forms of classical music such as chamber concerts, solo recitals from distinguished, and new talented performers. Plan ahead and enjoy this never to be missed opportunity to hear live from your favourite performers. 

Glitch Festival 

Glitch Festival is the biggest celebration showcasing royalty like Carl Cox, Helena Hauff Ben Klock on the heavenly Mediterranean island of Europe. Popular among the techno music lovers, this event promises some everlasting entertainment in a bizarre atmosphere. From secret rave caves to rooftop pool parties and to chaotic boat parties to the mainstages where popular performers perform, Glitch welcomes the audience and fans to join them in this entertaining adventure. Well, needless to mention that this is one of the music festivals in Malta which will mesmerize you to the fullest and will leave a lifetime footprint in your memories. Also, take this opportunity to introduce yourself with some eye-catching natural beauty by visiting the stunning beaches and caves. 

Lost & Found Festival 

Kick up your heels to live fantastic music from your favourite DJs. The festival lives to its name lost & found, by letting you enjoy and experience with the diverse crowd in your very own island Malta. If you are up for endless fun and unexpected adventure than this is the place for you. One of the most famous festivals in Malta welcomes you to enjoy some breathtaking boat party and pool parties. Enjoy and groove on some of your favourite music in an open-air night-time arena with your friends. Sounds interesting? Purchase the festival ticket now and have your ling weekend sorted. 

Summer Daze Malta 

This is a 2-day long dance & musical festival of Malta. This festival brags about bringing popular headliners from the world along with some internationally renowned DJs. Hosted in 2 different sites Ta’ Qali national park and Cafe del Mar club, this festival promises some astonishing performances and unlimited fun-filled time. If this looks like the music festival you wanted to attend, go for it. This is one of the most loved music festivals in Malta. 

Earth Garden 

Known as Malta’s largest alternative festival, this festival attracts music enthusiasts from all around the globe. Hosted at the renowned Ta’ Qali national park, this festival has got everything from music to talks and to workshops. If you love the cuisine from all over the world, this festival does comprise of an international food court serving you the best dishes from all over the world. This is of those music festivals in Malta, where you would also get to see some new talents performing on stage.  

Sunscape Festival 

This event surprises everyone with new ideas and themes every year. Hosted in Ramla Bay, this is the place to party enjoy, and be inspired. The most stimulating of all the music festivals in Malta provides a distinguished experience to the audiences with multiple stages and unique areas. Were you looking for a music festival hosted in July? Well, this is the one hosted in July, the month of festivals in Malta. Plan ahead and enjoy some soothing music with your best pals. 

Malta International Jazz festival, Isle of MTV Malta festival, Unite for Tomorrow land are a few other must-attend music festivals in Malta.  They are known for their uniqueness and the exciting experience of all the attendees. 

Malta International Fireworks Festival 

Planning to visit Malta during April or May? Do not forget to visit the Malta international fireworks festival in Malta. This is the most awaited, traditional, and popular event much loved by international and local visitors. Valletta’s grand harbor is the prime location to watch this event. Did you know this event glorifies and celebrates the anniversary of Malta’s EU membership? Fireworks set the stage for the village parties across Malta. This festival has its own special place in people heart’s over any other popular music festival in Malta. 

Final Words 

Malta has so many vivid music festivals in Malta. The best part of all these festivals in Malta is the uniqueness that each one has in the offer. Remember to explore the rich heritage of Malta as you enjoy some of the world’s best music festivals in Malta. Prepare your bucket list of the music festivals in Malta that you want to attend and start visiting them with the people you enjoy the most. 


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