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Organizing a Bachelors Party in Malta

Organizing a Bachelors Party in Malta

Organizing a bachelors party in Malta

Organizing a bachelors party in Malta definitely takes a lot of effort to do in case you’ve been appointed as the best manSome may feel like the responsibility is a burden, however it doesn’t need to be. With a hint of Italian spirit and North African weather, Malta has it all! 

Tfurther help you with organizing a bachelors party in Malta, we’ve come up with the perfect plan to create the best party vibe. Let’s get started! 

Picking a venue

First and foremost, you need to select the sort of vibe you are looking for from among all the different types of venues available.  

For instance, if you are looking for a comfortable venue, you can prefer a restaurant or a pub. If you require something more subtle, go for a farmhouse or a hotel. But if you’re going for something lavish in the venue, booking a hall can be a good option as well. Still not sure about it? Well then keep reading. 

Bar for a classic bachelors party in Malta and Gozo

Malta and Gozo are in high demand for bars, night clubs, and pubs. If you are a real party animal and want to organize a bachelors party in Malta like there’s no tomorrow, then this is the venue for you! 

The main advantage here  is that you can select a budget-friendly bar for cheap cocktails and get access to unlimited fun. You can also invite your inner circle for extensive entertainment, because we all know bars are an excellent choice for music lovers. You can request the staff to provide the specific type of cocktail and food you want at the party. You don’t have to worry about the decorations as the staff will do all the hard work to arrange a customized theme party for you. 

However, if your guests are expecting to sleep over after the party, then it can be trouble if you go for a bar. You also need to make sure that all of your guests are over the age restriction. This option is typically not too expensive, but it all depends on your budget. Also, since you’re at a bar, your privacy may be compromised as you won’t have the whole place to yourselves. 

Restaurants for organizing an epic bachelors party in Malta and Gozo

A restaurant is a first-class choice when planning a bachelors party in Malta. Especially if your group includes food lovers, then you must pick this venue without a doubt! It will also be an exceptional choice for rekindling all the brotherhood memories with your group.  

The Best benefit is that you don’t need to worry about cleaning the after-party mess here. So, in short, its hassle-free and comes with a lesser workload for you which ultimately gives you more time to enjoy. The security is also well managed here. 

But, if you look for the entertainment factor, that would be missing here. Make sure to plan this days ahead and reserve the whole restaurant if you want privacy or else be ready to share your space with strangers.  

Farmhouse for a bachelors party in Malta

When it comes to organizing a bachelors party in Malta with a private and secure environment, you should prefer a farmhouse as your venue. Additionally, if you are looking for a soothing and peaceful escape  to have a superb bachelors party, a farmhouse is your answer. Rest assured, this venue would be once in a lifetime experience undoubtedly. 

The relaxed and joyful environment of a farmhouse would be the best addon as the entertainment factor. Potential risks related to security and safety will also be lesser as the guest list will be all under your control.  

However, if you want a budget-friendly venue, then this is not for you. Also, if you are not interested in cleaning the after-party hangover mess, then it is not a good option for you. Additionally, furniture can easily be broken for which you would end up paying dearly. 

Why not book a Hall?

Booking a hall for a bachelors party in Malta can be a fantastic idea if you want the venue to be readily available to your guests. For entertainment you can just book a DJ for the party and make the best of it. 

You don’t have to worry about the privacy issues here as parties in halls are totally private and intimate affairs. You can also set up a unique decoration design for the hall. Also, you would have the freedom to make as much noise as you want here. 

The hall staff are essentially well-mannered and dedicated to provide you with the best quality food. However, you need to plan a few days ahead and book the hall. The point to note here is to keep your guests to a certain limit and avoid over-crowding the place.  

Tips on how to organize an epic bachelors party in Malta

Before you conclude anything, here are some quick tips on how to organize an epic party in Malta: 

  • Do count the groom in the Plan
    Find out what the groom desires and ask for his suggestions about the party, if he has any. Remember after all, he is the main man so he should be included in your planning.
  • Prepare the guest list properly
    Do prepare the guest list sincerely and count the number of guests coming to the bachelors party in Malta. This guest list will help you consider your budget.
  • Keep a check on the money.
    Keep in mind that none of your guests should be maxing out their cards (unless they really want to). Having a good idea of everyone’s ideal budget will become handy when choosing the location.
  • Timing is the game-changer
    No one likes to be hungover on their own wedding! That’s why timing is the golden rule when planning a bachelors party in Malta. The party should be held 3-6 weeks before the wedding.
  • Fix your location
    Once the guest list and timing are all set, you can move to fixing the location. Firstly, the location should be easy-to-locate for  the guests. If the location is in some remote area, travel facilities must be provided by you.
  • Plan flexible travel
    You could rent a limo or bus for traveling from bar to bar or for a city tour. Or if the party is set in a fixed location, share a taxi.
  • Keep stock supplies full.
    Make sure that your food and beverage stock is full with everything you need if you don’t want the party to be a fail.
  • Use social media
    Create a unique hashtag for social media to make it worth the hype.

Final words

Thibachelors party in Malta plan would add more fun, memories and cherished experiences to your friend’s wedding undoubtedly. Don’t get overwhelmed with the responsibility of organizing a bachelors party in Malta as there are many organizers or companies to help you with the planning. Remember to keep in mind that the most essential person is the groom himself. His mundane hitched life waits around the corner, so make sure you give him the fabulous sendoff he deserves. 


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