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What to wear for a Summer Baby Shower in Malta 

What to wear for a Summer Baby Shower in Malta 

Our Guide on what to wear for a Summer Baby Shower in Malta!


 I mean, could anything be better than celebrating the impending arrival of a sweet new little child into the world? Baby showers in Malta are by far our favourite party to get invited to! If you haven’t been to one before, or it may have been a while since you last attended a baby shower. You might find yourself  asking; what do I wear to a baby shower in Malta as the best friend, sister, guest, or even as the mother-to-be? 

Figuring out what to wear can be a little bit tricky, especially when you were invited by the mother to be me. It is important to honor her by putting some effort into your baby shower guest dress. Don’t freak out; there are no strict mosaic-rules you need to follow apart from making sure that you look comfortable and lovely. Dress in a casual feminine manner, not outshining the mother to be. Various colors associated with the summer are cherry red, mustard yellow, bright blue, lavender, and fuchsia.  You came to celebrate with her not compete on the runway with her.

Here are some outfit ideas for a Summer Baby Shower in Malta: 

  1. Jeans and T-shirt

If you love being light and straightforward in your dressing, embrace it. Putting on a light cotton oversized cardigan over your pair of skinny maternity jeans would have a fantastic look just perfect for your shower. Match it up with a couple of flat shoes or heels if you can wear one. 

As a guest to the shower, you would not want to look any more sophisticated than that. A t-shirt on jeans (white color in summer) with a jacket or blazers and a pair of heels. This is a very safe outfit on what you could wear to a Summer baby shower in Malta.

  1. Body-con Dresses

A white Bardot body-con dress matched with a couple of baby blue slip-on sneakers promises a different elegance to the mother to be and all-day-wear convenience. With the dress, you can stay cool in the heat with a wide straw hat and a few bracelets and rings to tie it all together. One can also try a patterned-wrap-skirt with accents paired with a neutral colored perfect halter bodysuit which gives you that “It’s time relax-by the  beach vibe that you would love during the summertime. 

  1. Pink Baby Shower Dress

We don’t know whoever categorized the pink or red color as belonging to the girls. Nevertheless, these are just wonderful for those welcoming a girl child into their life. To look good in this lovely summer color, choose between soft shades for a chic and feminine look or brighter hues for a fun and vibrant aesthetic look. Also, a red shower dress makes a sexy, courageous stylish choice for expectant mothers. The red shade is an unbeatable statement hue that is impeccable for those who want to feel very special at their baby shower. 

  1. Chiffon Dress

During the summer, chiffon dress with an off-the-shoulder chiffon number is the perfect way out to keep calm while you’re getting showered with love. (And wedges are an ideal compromise for swollen feet.) Wearing a slightly cropped top on a matching skirt for breezy, chic looks just breath-taking for an outdoor baby shower. 

  1. Sheath Dress

Nowadays, everyone looks at a baby bump and sees sexy. You do not need to try to hide your bump with  a fitted sheath dress and a matching pair of heelsYou can express yourself again by going for flow, floral maxi, which is correctly attending a dressier baby shower in Malta. To avoid using a constant general pattern, keep making the accessories neutral and straightforward. 

  1. Crochet Dress

Another new dress to try on would be the white crochet dress with a beautifully detailed bodice drawing the eye of many to your beautiful baby bump. You can wear it with a pair of pink flats if you are expecting a girl on the way or a pair of blue sneakers if it is a baby boy. Also, a periwinkle structured top with a square neckline with a matching A-line skirt is an easy two-piece deal. Finish up the combination with a pair of pale tassel earrings and yellow mules. You are going to look just elegant and fresh.  

  1. All White Attire

First of all, get a white lace as it is a necessary material for an all-white attire. Irrespective of the garment you’re after, you should be able to find a white lace jumpsuit, maxi dress, or pantsuit without any stress. Add simple jewellery in line with the color like a diamond, rhinestone, pearl, or similarly under-credited jewels. Lastly, wear nude shoes. It’s not too advisable to wear white as it may get stained.  Wearing nude shoes allows you to concentrate on the celebration rather than the thought of how clean or dirty your shoes are. 


It is true that choosing what to wear, might be a head-ache at times. We believe the you should always feel comfortable and confident when wearing something; it is essential to be comfortable in your own skin! Having said that, if you’re still having trouble into choosing what to wear for a summer baby shower in Malta; feel free to try these suggestions out!

We always strive to give you the best tips and tricks; we hope that you’ll find these useful!

P.S. Enjoy it!

Feel free to checkout on how to plan a baby shower in Malta!

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