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Outdoor Team Building Activities in Malta 

Outdoor Team Building Activities in Malta 

Outdoor Team Building Activities in Malta

Does thphrase,  Outdoor Team Building Activities” make your team members slip off to their nearest exit?  Then try saying, Outdoor Team Building Activities in Malta. Do they still have the same reaction to this phrase as well or did their eyes just roll out, LOL? 

Surely, the second reaction! That’s the difference when there is a land where Pastizzi is king and Rabbits are food, not pets.  

Fun Facts- Malta has church for every day of a year, every village here has a band and Malta itself has 2 islands – Gozo and Comino! 

Gozo – Steeped in Myth, it is thought to be the legendary Calypso’s isle of Homer’s Odyssey – a mystical, peaceful backwater. Gozo’s spectacular coastline and rugged landscape await exploration with amazing panoramas and some of the Mediterranean’s best dive sites!  

Comino- If you want to discover the true magic of diving, swimming, and enjoying all the activities the sea has to offer, Comino is the island that must be explored. Surrounded by the most transparent and scintillating waters in the Mediterranean, the island’s Blue Lagoon makes a memorable day out by boat.  

Fun Fact- Comino is a tiny island with just one hotel, so book your beds accordingly!  

With super fun parties in the night and experiencing the serenity of the beaches in the daylight, Malta, Gozo, and Comino combo is a complete package, doesn’t matter if you are planning for outdoor team building activities in Malta or a vacation!  

Without hearing a chorus of groans, and to encourage that your team learns about one another, below are 8 Outdoor team building activities in Malta, Gozo, and Comino that your team will want to play over and over again in the next team meetings!  

Outdoor Laser Tag 

The first Outdoor Team Building Activity In Malta is the Outdoor Laser Tag, which can be defined as:  

Paintball + Archery Tag + Wider Area to play in – Pain = Outdoor Laser Tag 

Sure, in laser tag, you tend to play riskier as you run out of cover, or it may not be as adrenaline pumping as paintball, but it’s still great fun to get into! This is where using human shields as protection comes in handy, or you can use all those camo and hiding skills that you had learned in scouts.  


The idea of Paintball – the most entertaining outdoor team building activity in Malta, is very simple. You have a gun loaded with paintballs, which you must shoot down at your opponent. There is a pretty awesome arena in Ta’Qali, Malta, which features a carcass of an old airplane.  

Bonus Tip- You can even ask the attendant to buy more paintballs. However, you need to pay a bit more to unleash this hell!  

Advice- Try to avoid the super hot summer months as it can get very tough, harsh, and difficult playing in a mask and overalls.  


You might have heard about Quad Bikes – a super exciting outdoor team building activity in Malta. 

Ideal Location: Gozo 

Just grab a couple of buddies with driving licenses (new drivers are not allowed to drive quad bikes, so also check the age limit), and explore the beautiful island of Gozo.  

Con- This team building activity in Malta is a little more expensive than the rest, but it’s justified as you cover a lot more ground 

5-Aside Football Tournaments 

You can get into the sporty mode with your friends with this super fun outdoor team building outdoor activity in Malta. It’s a football tournament allowing up to 5 players each side (plus two optional reserves).  

Preferred Location – Malta, Gozo 

5-Aside Football Tournament is held on a 5-Aside Pitch and is organized by several clubs and universities each year.  


Ah yes, the art of going and walking up all the way, Hikes breaks Newton’s favorite law. There are many hiking clubs currently operational in Malta and all of them are filled with foreigners. To many, Malta seems a pretty boring place to hike, especially since they have no mountains. However, Gozo’countryside is simply spectacular, and this, coupled with its climate, makes it a pretty fantastic location for this outdoor team building outdoor activity in Malta.  

Fun Fact- Large stretches of the countryside are free as the Maltese people do not generally indulge in leisure walking.  

Treasure Hunts 

This outdoor team building activity in Malta is a great one for a BBQ!  Treasure Hunts have become super dynamic, evolving over time! One example was a treasure hunt in Comino, however the organizers were docking a shitload of points if you’re caught while they are hunting you down!  

Hunt Advice– Keep your eyes out for this team building activity in Malta, as it is organized by University for at least 4 times a year, and the prizes range from weekend breaks to expensive Chablis!  


This team building activity in Malta has been on the islands for quite a while now.  If you have not heard of Kayaking, you will certainly be familiar with canoeing.  

Secret Fact- Many people in Malta don’t know the difference between the above two.  

The simple difference is that a kayak paddle is bladed at both ends, whereas a canoe paddle has a blade on one end.  This team building activity in Malta is great for exploring those hard to reach caves and bumping into each other when the instructor isn’t looking. Many people love the routes around Comino, however there are some great spots in Gozo and Malta too.  

Disclaimer: You will get a little sore after this team building activity in Malta.  


Walking around is probably the best way to get from one cliff face to another. But, what’s the most fun way? Of course, Zip-lining! In zip-lining, a steel cable is anchored to a cliff face and set at a downward angle, so that you whiz across like Superman using pulleys. Therefore, it’s definitely worth trying in the Comino and Gozo islands.  

Caution- This team building activity in Malta is not for the fainthearted because you will be traveling up to 200 m above the Malta, Comino, and Gozo ground.  

Final Words 

Mostly team building exercises and activities elicit embarrassment rather than enthusiasm and whatever impact and benefits these activities offer might have been thrown out the window by the sheer reluctance of the participating team members.  

However, Outdoor team building activities in Malta, Gozo, and Comino can greatly improve your communication and collaboration skills. These activities help the team learn about one another – how each person thinks, works, solves problems, and has fun!  

Takeaway Advice-  In summers, avoid the festa, due to the ultra-hot weather mixed with humid windthat Malta, Gozo, and Comino have!  Also, pen down your experience of team building activities in Malta, Gozo, and Comino in the comments along with your preferred location!  

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