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Picnic venues in Malta – 2020 Guide

Picnic venues in Malta – 2020 Guide

Picnic venues in Malta

Do you have some nostalgic memories of your childhood picnics and want to relive them again? Of course, picnics are the most relaxing time spent with family & friends. There can be no comparison to the natural beauty of Malta and hence, the availability of so many picnic venues in Malta.  

Picnic venues in Malta are places full of natural beauty where you can spend your time in a priceless manner. Be it any season of the year, picnic venues in Malta will not fail to surprise you with their natural beauty. If you are craving some family time, have you stopped to wonder that maybe it is time for a picnic in Malta with them? 

Well, given below are some picnic venues in Malta, where you can spend your precious time with some of your most precious people. 

Ta’ Qali National park

This is one of the most visited and the most popular picnic venues in Malta. Decorated with nature’s green beauty and fields of green grass, this park boasts itself as an iconic picnic venue. Be it spending a couple of hours or a whole day, this park has things to you and your kids entertained all the time. Park offers a countryside walk via the planned walkways. Sheltered treed areas make this park an attraction in summers as well. Equipped with open spaces, this venue offers a perfect play area for kids. Treat your self with some nice homemade food. If you are a barbecue fan, you can carry your little one to the park. 

Remember to use a barbecue with safety as the barbecue equipment can cause trees to catch fire if not used properly. Remember the picnic venues in Malta are public places. If you are found littering the park, you would be penalized. If you are planning for a countryside picnic, this should be the place.     

Buskett Gardens

Often termed as the woodland of Malta, Buskett garden is one of the most preferred picnic venues in Malta. This is the busiest picnic spot of Malta and is good for summers as winters. Do not be surprised to find some beautiful shrubs and fruit trees in there. Whether you are planning for a formal or informal picnic, Buskett garden is fit for both. 

Pack your foldable table along with some food and drinks to have a relaxing and cheerful day. You can carry your barbecue equipment to enjoy the barbecue food. Remember not to place barbecue on the ground, doing so will invite the penalty. Call your friends and set up a time on the best picnic venues in Malta. 

Victoria Lines

Popularly referred as “The great wall of Malta” is another one of the most beautiful picnic venues in Malta. Look at the weather and ensure to have clothes that fit for the weather before you start for Victoria lines. The ecstatic beauty where nature compliments the man-made fortifications. If you are shortlisting from the best picnic venues in Malta, Victoria lines will not go unnoticeable. Especially if you are planning for this picnic with your friend then the Victoria line is a place to be. Remember not to litter this beautiful place, if caught you would be inviting a fine for your self. 

Top of the world

Sounds interesting! Well, who would not like to be at the top of the world? Located at the top of the hill in Madliena, the top of the world promises you some breathtaking views of the countryside. When it comes to picnic venues in Malta, top of the world finds its importance and enormous popularity. You might be lucky enough to spot wild animals while enjoying in there. Is not it a double benefit? Remember to take your rubbish home, Disposing rubbish is not allowed at this place. If found littering you would be penalized heavily. 

Chadwick lakes

Looking for a change and giving your daily hustle and bustle a miss?  There could not be a better place than Chadwick lakes to do so. If you are the one who enjoys a walk near the lake than you cannot give this venue a miss.  Rated as the best picnic venues in Malta is a people favorite pick in the spring & winter season. Head out with proper gear to enjoy the serene picnic spot. 

San Anton

San Anton boasts itself to be the largest picnic venues in Malta. This is a unique picnic spot which is neither countryside nor seaside provides a unique experience to the picnic goers. You can assure yourself to be having the best picnic ever at this venue. Unleash the hidden beauty and spend the time here with your family and friends. Remember to carry some of your favorite food to munch while you are there.  

Melita Gardens

Are you looking for a venue with little hustle & bustle? Melita Gardens is the one for you. Often undermined by the people, Melita garden is one of the silent picnic venues in Malta. There are benches amidst the pine trees for you to enjoy your time. The best thing about this spot is that you do not need to worry about food. You can dine in the restaurants available in the park. Last but not the least incentive that this park offers is Free Wi-Fi. If you are not a person who plans much than this is the place to be. Remember keep the parks clean or you may encounter uninvited fines. 

Riveria Bay

Riveria is considered as one of the most beautiful picnic venues in Malta. If you re the one who loves to capture the beauty in-camera, this is a must-visit place. Enjoy your family picnic with some nice food on a grassy hill glaring at the spectacular sunset. Remember to carry some card games along with some food to make the most of the day.   

Final words

By now you must have realized there are so many unique and different picnic venues in Malta for you to enjoy the serene and natural beauty of the country in all the seasons. Select a venue that you like the most for your next picnic in Malta. 


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