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Planning a Baby Shower in Malta – Complete Guide (2020)

Planning a Baby Shower in Malta – Complete Guide (2020)

Planning a Baby Shower in Malta – Complete Guide (2019)

Let’s start with the basics

When planning a Baby Shower in Malta usually, a family member or one of the mum –to-be’s friends organises and hosts the baby shower to avoid getting her involved too much in the planning since after all she is the guest of honour! However considering our Maltese culture and distinctive hard headedness, you might end up taking precise orders from the guest of honour detailing what you should do every step of the way. Still, this article will come in handy for anyone organising what is has now become part of our pre-birth traditions in Malta. 

Date and time 

This of course has to be consulted with the mum-to-be,  usually the baby shower is held at the later stages of the pregnancy,  around a month or two before due date when she is well in to her pregnancy but still comfortable enough to enjoy her party.  

As an organiser this will provide more than enough time to plan well and be ready before hand, while giving the mum enough time to sort her gifts afterwards. 


Pick a Venue for the Perfect Baby Shower:

This part needs a bit more thought since you need to know what type of baby shower you want to host; the important thing is that the mum-to-be is comfortable! To plan a Baby Shower in Malta Firstly you must see what the budget is and how many guests there will be, and then seek accordingly. There are several venues which have staff that will help you set up and host it; however you must see your budget. Our recommendation would be to avoid hosting the baby shower at the mu-to-be’s house, since she would have to clean up before and after which would be far from a joyful evening.  

A hotel or restaurant would always be a good guess to go to since as already mentioned, their staff will assist you throughout the party. You might also consider outdoor options which in Malta are plenty, this way you can enjoy your time together with some beautiful scenic views of the Maltese countryside or shores (if you are hosting it in summer, keep in mind that it will be hot!). 


Theme and Invitations:

Before sending out any invitations, you must first decide on the theme of the party. Having a theme for your baby shower is not mandatory, but we certainly recommend it since it will only make the party more fun and memorable to everyone.   

A theme does not have to be complicated or over-thought, but you have to consider mother’s personality and the gender of the baby first. Here are some themes that we suggest; 



For a boy –  

  • Bee-themed baby shower:  Some ideas to implement; you can set up black and yellow decor and invitations. You can also decorate deserts accordingly, and ensure that guests are served honey flavoured foods
  • Dinosaur Themed  Baby Shower:  Include dinosaur eggs in the decor, whilst also decorating the food accordingly.  This will keep a light and playful mood throughout the party. 
  • Sailor Themed Baby ShowerIncluding boats, sailor hats, anchors, whales and shades of blue and white in the decorations. Ideal for venues with views of the Maltese shores. 


For a girl –  


  • Ladybird-themed baby shower:  Similar to the bee themed party, for a girl you can revolve your party around this sweet little insect creating a charming theme perfect for welcoming a little lady
  • Unicorn-themed baby shower:  This mythical creature has become a trend for baby showers these days with decorations having shades of pink and white. Just like the ladybird theme, this cute creature helps create the perfect ambience for welcoming a newborn lady
  • Mermaid-themed baby shower:  Similar to the sailor themed party for boys, this theme is ideal for venues with views of the Maltese seas. Including purple and green shades in the decor will help set up the theme nicely. 


Once you have selected the theme, you can design the invitations accordingly and send them to the guest list.  The guest list should always be discussed with the mum-to-be. 


It is important to pick out decorations in line with the theme of the party and avoid going off-topic, keep it simple yet fun for everyone. The key is to not over-do it ! 

You should ideally start preparing your decorations from 3 weeks in advance to make sure that you’re well prepared in time and avoid any last minute hold-ups. However with things that are perishable (such as flowers and balloons), you should leave these to the last days. 



If there is one thing we Maltese care about, it is definitely food! When planning a Baby Shower in Malta you should give this part a lot of thought. The most ideal would be comfort food such as small pastizzi, pizza, mini fried chicken, mozzarella sticks etc. Then for deserts you can always have a big cake and muffins, this is where the food also needs to be aligned with the party, make sure that the sweets are decorated according to the theme. You can decide to prepare the food yourself or hire a catering company; also, if you had booked a restaurant or hotel for the venue they might offer food themselves. This all depends on the budget you have set. 

Make sure that you know about any food intolerances that any of the guests and more important, the mother-to-be might have in order to avoid disaster! 

Games and activities 

A baby shower wouldn’t be the same without games and fun activities to bring everyone together. Here are some fun ideas to include in your baby shower: 

  • Guess the Baby Food: Pick out ten or so flavours of baby food jars and remove the labels. Guests have to sample all jars and have a guess at which ones they are, the one with most guesses wins!
  • Guess The Baby: When sending out the invites advise the guests to bring along a picture of when they were a baby. On the day, put the pictures up on a wall and number them. Guests will have to guess who the baby in the picture is, the person with most guesses wins!
  • What am I? : Prepare a piece of paper with a baby associated item written on it (example: diaper, baby cot etc.). Guests will have these papers stuck on their forehead/ back, they have to ask questions to each other to discover what they are. This will ensure that everyone mingles and speaks to each other.
  • Diaper Change Relay Race: Give a doll to every guest or set them up in teams, the doll will have a dirty diaper on. First guest to change the diaper to a new clean one wins! 

Make sure that you bring along prizes for winners to make things more competitive and fun. 



Plan the day 

Make sure that you create a time line for the day in order to be well prepared and minimise chance of undesired circumstances to come along (things will go wrong, but at least you’ll be prepared). What we mean by creating a timeline is by organising the day for example the guests will come at 3 o’clock, so at 3:15 the food starts coming out. And once everyone is there, you can start the games and activities planned for the day. At the end of the day everyone gives gifts to the mother-to-be while eating deserts and drinking coffee.  

You can also give roles to people, for example you will be responsible to take the pictures, her sister will be responsible for food and drinks, another person can host the games, this way you relieve some of the pressure from your shoulders. 


To summarise what we have said in a few words, the below check list will be very useful from start to finish in order to help you create the most memorable day for the guest of honour (by planning a Baby Shower in Malta): 

6 weeks before: 

  • Set a time and date 
  • Decide on the number of guests to invite 
  • Set a budget 
  • Pick a venue and book it 
  • Decide on a theme 

5 weeks before: 

  • Send invitations 
  • Plan the menu / seek catering companies 

3 weeks before: 

  • Start buying and preparing decorations 

2 weeks before: 

  • Confirm attendance of guests 
  • Prepare Agenda and Delegate Tasks 

Final Week: 

  • Buy any flowers and perishable decor and foods 

On the Day: 

  • Set up decor, prepare games and display foods and beverages 
  • Have Fun! 


Make sure to check-out xjismu, to help you find the perfect venue when Planning a Baby Shower in Malta!

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