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Indoor team building activities in Malta 

Indoor team building activities in Malta 

Indoor team building activities in Malta 

 Are you looking for a creative and fun way to bring your team together? Then, Indoor team building activities can be the perfect choice for you. Team building activities are a great method of bringing your team together and develop a personal rapport. You can try numerous team building activities in Malta which can bring your team together and become more effective. You can use the team-building activity as a tool to nurture your team and inspire them to work together and achieve common objectives. 

What are the best indoor team building activities in Malta? 

There are lots of team building activities in Malta, but you should pick the one that is the most interesting and effective for your team. Success for such event heavily relies on how fast people can connect with each other during such events. Always pick the activities that your team thinks is interesting so that they can make the most of it and enjoy the day with their colleagues. Here are some team building activities in Malta, that have proven to be effective and have done wonders for many organizations. 

Escape Room 

When it comes to team building activities in Malta, escape room emerges as the people’s favorite. It is an interesting activity in which teams are divided into multiple groups with an objective to solve the puzzle and clues and get out of the playroom. A group must have at least 2 players and can have up to 10 players. Escape room always has a storyline and puzzle generally revolves around it. Organizations use this activity to improve communication among people. If you are looking for team building activities in Malta, escape room is an activity to try. 

Laser Tag 

Is not this name sound intriguing to you? Indeed it is. Laser tag is one of the preferred team building activities in Malta. Thinking how is this played? It is pretty easy, teams are divided into multiple units to achieve common missions. Missions cannot be achieved individually and hence team needs to work together to achieve success. This is surely a go-to game if you want people to learn team dynamics. Different styles of weapons makes the game interesting and fun to play. Does not this sound an interesting way to play and bind together? Head online and search for some cool venues for team activities in Malta and book them now for your team. 

TenPin Bowling 

When someone talks about team building activities in Malta, bowling is the first thing that pops up in the discussion. The objective of the game is to knock the pins located at the other end of the lane by rolling a bowl in the lane. It is a fun indoor game, people enjoying the music and playing together. If you looking for an eventful day, this is the activity to opt for. Every strike is cheered by the team members and strangers become friends relatively quickly. There are some awesome bowling alleys in Malta and Gozo. Ditch the humid and sunny weather of Malta and enjoy the time with your team. 

Scavenger hunt 

 This oldest activity in the book of team building never fails to amuse people. One of the most collaborative games that bring people together to work towards a common goal. It is simple, just split the teams into multiple groups and then share the list of items to search by the team. Whoever does this first wins the game. Is not it easy and interesting? If you are planning your next team building activities in Malta, do not miss this activity. Your team will definitely have fun. 


Archery is not just a sport, it is definitely a skill with an objective to hit the aim right. Is not the word hit the aim resonating? That is what you intend to do in your organization to succeed. This is a perfect game to create a fun environment. Set your own goals, create multiple teams, and then play this game. Your team will have a lot of cheers and laughter. Is not this exactly what you want to achieve by conducting team building activities in Malta? Go for this activity and you will never be disappointed by the outcome. 

Cooking Classes 

 You must have heard the saying of hitting 2 birds using a single stone, this team building activity exactly does the same. Thinking How? Firstly it brings the team closer and secondly lets the team sink in the rich culture of Malta and Gozo. This is one of the most sought team building activities in Malta. Well, there is a reason, food brings people together, they discuss and share their favorite dishes and recipes. Have not tried this yet and thinking how effective will this be? This activity is enjoyed a lot across the globe and you will see the benefits once you have planned this. Ensure you add this as one of your team building activities when you plan for the next. 

The Barter Puzzle 

Is the name puzzling to you? It is all about joining the pieces of the puzzle, the team who does first wins the game. Divide your team into multiple groups. Each group gets a puzzle to make and some of the pieces belong to the other puzzle of other groups. So a group not only has to complete their puzzle first but also trade the puzzle parts by talking to different groups in the room. Imagine the power of this game, people get to enjoy together and learn some team working and convincing skills. Add this to your list for the next team building activities in Malta for your organization.  

Other Team building activities in Malta

There are numerous other team-building activities that can benefit your team. Activities like 3 truth and a lie, or dance challenge, indoor team training, tower of Hanoi, penny for the thoughts  etc. Are some of the interesting activities that you can plan for your team and let the team enjoy.  These are some activities that will help your team to bond together, communicate effectively, and know each other. These are easily available and conducted team building activities in Malta.  

Final words 

It is rightly said that a successful team works together and celebrates together. Team building activities can help your team come together. There had been numerous studies emphasizing the effectiveness of team building activities. Teamwork yields the best result and the team building activities will bring your team closer. Thinking about what should be your next pick? Start with the escape room and ensure you have a different one the next time, you have a lot to pick from. Head online and start planning for the nest team building activities in Malta now! 

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