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Top 5 tips into Planning the Best Graduation Party in Malta

Top 5 tips into Planning the Best Graduation Party in Malta

Top 5 tips into Planning the Best Graduation Party in Malta



Anyone who goes to college knows that their graduation is a big deal. Students spend sleepless nights working on assignments, projects, and reading for examinations. Whether you are in high school, college, or grad school; graduation is a big deal and its celebrations are even bigger. The unique proud feeling you get to feel on the day requires you to follow the celebratory traditions, especially if it’s in Malta where we find every excuse to go wild and celebrate! You’ve got to decide on what type of party you want, whether it’s a civil ritratt għal fuq il-gradenza‘ partyor the allahares tkun taf ommi’ kind of party. The point is that your graduation and graduation party is something you need the plan to make the best party filled with memories.

We highlighted a few steps for you to make your graduation party an extraordinary one; the best graduation party in Malta.

  1. Pick a location and date

In a country like Malta, you have various holiday-like places such as hotels, banquet halls, and the beach-side that you could select. These are fantastic locations to choose for a great graduation party in Malta. Whether you prefer making it at dinner time using a banquet hall or barbecue coupled with a relaxing time at the beach, your party is undoubtedly going to be a good time. Next, you need to pick a date on time you know graduation season is a busy time, especially with your colleagues also having graduation parties.  

  1. Send out invitations

The invitations are essential in planning graduation party in Malta planning, and it’s usually necessary to send them out at least a month in advance. Like I said in the first step, the graduation season is pretty busy for everyone, so it’s advisable to get the word out early. Do not waste time with paper invitations and make it digital. You can try punch-bowl as it offers many free creative designs that set the mood for excellent party time. In your invitation, do not forget to include the location, time, venue, and other necessary details guests should know, such as dress code and all stuff like that.  

  1. Decorations

Some might prefer having a theme for the party, which would define the kind of decorations. Get fun items like balloons and banners to set the mood for celebration. For the event, create a slideshow with photos of the graduate and friends through the years. If you decide you want a popular theme, focus on decorations that use your school’s graduation colors. You could also search online for themes. Include the year of graduation on some of the banners or balloons. And then, you could also create a photo wall with different pictures of your graduation that spells out the graduation year. Create that eye-catching wall that would make everyone want to take pictures of and throw it on Instagram! 

  1. Food

If there’s anything we Maltese look forward to; it’s food! Your primary objective when choosing food is to make things convenient for your invitees. You can either opt for various small comfort food to be served around all throughout the party, or you can go for a nice big meal in the middle where everyone can sit down, eat and talk. It all comes down to what type of party you’re planning to do. A buffet style can help guests mingle throughout the party if many people will meet for the first time. You can be creative with the dessert and serve graduation cap-shaped goodies or a cake shaped in the graduation year! It certainly would bring a sense of accomplishment to the graduates. 

  1. Gifts

This is not too important as the graduate might feel you have done enough, but if you want to do more, you can get them gifts. For a graduate, you might want to give cash instead of something materialistic. Set up a gift table so guests can give them too. Ideal gifts would be clothing, a memory frame, a watch or any personal preference that the graduate might have! 

  1. Have fun

Party day has here, and everything is taking shape. In as much as there would be work to do to make the guests comfortable; this is also an exciting time as it is the beginning of a new phase in the celebrant’s life, so make sure to enjoy it. Provide enough refreshments, games, and food. You can also place disposable cameras on tables so friends can take pictures of the occasion. Collect them at the end of the party and share photos with friends and family. So even though you are organizing things, have fun and enjoy yourself. 



The guide has shown you what to do to have a fantastic grad party. Here is a recap of what to do to get ready before guests show up: 

 Put decorations up and set out a sign by the road to help guests find their way. Get the food set and make available coolers with beverages. Ensure the bathrooms have toilet paper and towels. Put some background music on to set the mood. This achievement can be celebrated in many various ways. What matters is that the celebrant has fun and knows how proud you are of him or her. Organizing a party like this would be a lot easier for you if you start planning long beforehand. Try hard not to rush the planning process. 

 Use this guide to plan a party your graduate will remember forever with memories and pictures. 

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