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Top 6 Original Ideas for a Staff Party in Malta

Top 6 Original Ideas for a Staff Party in Malta

Top 6 Original Ideas for a Staff Party in Malta  

Why should you throw a staff party?

Employees form a huge part of any organisation. However, they require to be well-nurtured and valued in their daily work life. Once this is worked upon and employees feel like that their position within the company is respected, the organisation will be rewarded through an engaged team which will result in numerous benefits. Having said this, ensuring that your employees feel appreciated is no easy task. It may be also stressful trying to devise a plan where all your employees can enjoy themselves while building relationships outside the work bubble. This can all be solved by planning a memorable staff party in Malta, the island where good vibes are radiated all year round.  

A staff party may be the perfect opportunity for your team to unwind in a comfortable setting, an environment in which they can free their minds of the worries their role at works brings along with it.  

An impressive event hosted at one of Malta’s most iconic venues will most definitely energize your team and stimulate their morale.   

Here are some points that will encourage you to invest in your employees and reward them with a well-deserved staff party: 

The staff that parties together stays together

Employees work alongside each other all year with only little time to socialize and form meaningful relationship. Organizing a party will help break down formal barriers and increase communication. Being able to not only work but also enjoy themselves together will foster a new sense of unity and teamwork.  

 A token of appreciation

A staff party in Malta is one way to communicate your gratitude towards your staff and show them that even though as their superior, you may not always be by their side, you still recognize all the hard work they put into fulfilling their duties and not simply keeping the company afloat, but also succeeding.  

 Source of motivation 

Including an award show into the staff party at the end of the year will be a great source of motivation for everyone. Awards are a physical representation of a superior’s recognition and a way to show your employees that their hard work is being acknowledged. Moreover, such an initiative will also serve to inspire other employees’ drive to succeed. 

To give your staff a break

Staff parties are a great way to help your employees distinguish themselves from their jobs and heal the mental exhaustion. Staff parties provide a change of environment in which people can forget about any work pressures and enjoy themselves. 

It allows acknowledging the leaders publicly

Present awards  to those whose hard work contributed to the company’s growth, no matter which unit the member belongs to. Calling the name of staff for an award without his foreknowledge can go a long way in boosting his morale and motivation. Moreover, being presented with an award by one of the highest members of the company is an honor to the recipient while being a humbling act for the superior. Such a show would bring everyone on the same level for one unforgettable night.  

Original Ideas to try out

Simply organizing a staff party may not be as interesting and engaging for the employees that will make them want to mark the date in their calendars. However, a good theme can transform the same yearly event to a wildly, creative opportunity to create a fun and alluring staff party in Malta.  

Being innovative and coming up with an ingenious theme may be the most challenging part of the whole preparation process. However it will ensure that your event will be the talk of the office for the next few months. 

Down below, you will get to progress your ideas with one of these suggestions, in hopes of hosting the best staff party in Malta.   

Quad-bike Treasure Hunt:

 Go ahead and integrate a treasure  hunt into the event, the competition will only make it more fun! Participants will have to travel by quad bikes to find clues or complete tasks in a timed race. This will force people to show their competitive sides, yet at the same time, helps unify your team in an unforgettable experience around Malta.

Boat Ride

A boat ride will help your team escape the daily stress that their work duties bring along. It will give the company’s most cherished asset a chance to visit the breathtaking Maltese coastline while immersing themselves in a gorgeous Maltese sunset, as they sail and forget all of their troubles and conflicts. 

Farmhouse Party

Renting a farmhouse is extremely popular in Malta, so why not rent it for your staff? This way you will be able to have a day of fun with your staff in private. Given that most farmhouses have a pool; You can host a pool party, while also accommodating those who do not want to stay in the hot sun.

Swimming in Comino

Taking your staff to the beautiful island of Comino is a no-brainer! Let your staff enjoy their day by swimming in the crystal blue waters at one of the most beautiful places in Malta. You can introduce beach games and competitions to make it more fun. The effort is worth it, and it would be a lasting memory for everyone involved.

Christmas Costume Party

Encourage your staff to be as creative as possible when designing their costume! People can choose to be comical with their costumes and dress up as the Grinch or decide to remain traditional and dress up as Santa Clause.  

Zorb football theme

Zorb football has been gaining a lot of hype from everyone around the island. Therefore, a staff party in Malta would be a great opportunity to organize a Zorb football event. Zorb football is played by means of large transparent plastic balls in which people are entrapped in, leaving only your legs free to run and bump into your opponents.  This unique team activity will help unify your team through some good laughs and memories.


Do not be afraid to try something original for your next staff party. Personalize any of the above for your own people to make sure that the have the best day possible! Your extra effort will surely be appreciated and will energize your people for upcoming challenges.

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