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Top 8 tips into Organizing the Perfect Summer Staff Party in Malta 

Top 8 tips into Organizing the Perfect Summer Staff Party in Malta 

Top 8 tips into Organizing the Perfect Summer Staff Party in Malta!


Hosting an event for your staff in the summer is a cool, fun and exciting idea for your employees, but it can be quite a burden for you to organize. One benefit of hosting events like this is that it creates an excellent opportunity to foster a relationship between you and your staff with other vital decision-makers in your organization. I mean, what better opportunity is there for junior employee to suggest their ideas that can be beneficial to the company than at an event where they’re socializing and engaging informally with their CEO and managers. You probably have to make plans for the summer event because your team had worked so hard and passed one the year’s milestone. So, they need this to relax and get their creative minds to reset again.  It’s important to organize such events and let your staff have some fun and let loose. We have compiled the top 8 steps into organizing the best staff party in Malta!

  1. Ask for your staff’s advice

First of all, you’re organizing the summer event for your staff and not the other way around. Therefore, you need their ideas and suggestions. If you want an impeccable turnaround, don’t be afraid to admit to your employees that you need their inputs. Gathering insights from your workers around the office can make your event even more memorable. Your employees would be the ones that would enjoy the event. Get them involved and ask them how they would plan an affordable party, how they’d be willing to help out too. 

  1. Form a committee

You need an experienced group of people to organize a staff party in Malta . Speak to some of your co-workers who have planned one or two hosting events. They might be interested in helping out then form a committee. They can ease some of the load from off your shoulder, making it more fun as it is no more you thing but a team thing. 

  1. Pick a Venue

Your next task with your committee would be choosing a good location for the event. In Malta, either day or night time would turn out all right. Malta has got amazing sunny beaches where you can decide go to for a day, the staff can bring food and barbecue it together. Malta also undoubtably has an incredible nightlife, so heading to a pub or to a club might be a simple yet great ideaIf you prefer a more private venue, there’s no need to spend too much money on renting a big hall, you can use your own office space, however if your office space can’t accommodate everyoneyou have to choose a place easily accessible to your staff.  Make it convenient for everyone to increase enthusiasm. Quite an essential step when organizing a staff party in Malta.

  1. When do you want it

It’s a summer event for your staff so make sure that everyone is available on the day, and don’t do it during the week (although this might be cheaper for you to rent spaces). Go for a Friday, towards the closing hours of the day. There’s a good chance of them working hard during the week looking forward to Friday.  

  1. Get the stuff needed

It’s a party; not a seminar. You must make sure that your staff has loads and loads of fun, keep an informal and relaxed environment. Let everyone have something they can do for fun there. In the spirit of getting things, there’s one thing you can’t afford to forget, food and drinks. Even though it’s not the purpose of the event, it cannot be over-emphasized. You can place an order for it from an external entity, but if you want to cut costs, you could award the winner in a cooking competition. Don’t forget there should be music, you can appoint a DJ for the night, unless the venue will provide music.  Think about having a water fight with water guns, I know it looks childish but could be fun. The important thing is to get stuff that would make sure everyone has an excellent time together. 

  1. Get Everyone Involved

Throwing a  staff party has an objective, and it is about bringing everyone together in an exciting, fun, and relaxed environment. It should not be not their usual busy routine. Try and talk everyone into participating or at the least, get every willing staff member involved in all aspects of planning and hosting the occasion. You would be amazed at how much skills they can show, which could also be useful to your company and your party is undoubtedly going to be a success. One can never be too sure he might discover that one of your newly appointed administration clerk is a fantastic singer, party planner, and a great public speaker! 

  1. Make a Video

You could make a film about the party. Get disposable cameras for people and let them take random pictures or videos of themselves. After the party, get the videos and photos back, process them and forward it to everyone, including your partners.   

  1. Avoid stress

One of the reasons you have a committee is, so you don’t have so much pressure on yourself else it cancels the aim of the part which is catching some fun!! Try your possible best to enjoy the party yourself.   


The summer is an excellent period for outdoor entertaining and getting everyone’s friends or family together. Even though organizing can be stressful, it doesn’t have to be. Go the steps cited above and follow them as they can help you to throw a success summer staff party in Malta without adding unnecessary stress. Remember, the aim is to get everyone to feel special, loved, and excited while having fun. 


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