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Wedding In Malta- All You Need To Know 

Wedding In Malta- All You Need To Know 

Wedding In Malta- All You Need To Know

A wedding is one of the most important events in a person’s life and having a wedding in Malta is an extraordinary decision indeed. Such a special occasion has to be perfect and memorable because a wedding marks the beginning of a new chapter in a person’s life. 

Having a wedding in Malta is a unique experience. If you are planning to have your wedding in Maltahere you will find everything you need to know about it.  

Why Malta?

There are many reasons for having a wedding in Malta but here are some of the best reasons for why Malta? 

  • The most lucrative thing about having a wedding in Malta is the weather. Located in the middle of the Mediterranean, this island has an awesome sunny climate all year. This weather provides the maximum benefits from beaches and of course, it is the best for photographs. 
  • This island is already popular for parties, weddings, and other events. Also, the majority of people living in Malta are English speakers. So, organizing an event will not be a problem. There are tonnes of wedding planners and you can choose someone according to your preferences. These organizers are expert in their field so, they can also guide you with the legal matters.  
  • Because of the popularity of the island, there are many venues to choose from and some of them are fresh. There is every type of service available that you would need to make your wedding just perfect. 
  • Having a wedding in Malta provides another advantage that you may not know yet. After the wedding ceremony, the honeymoon will be at your doorstep! You don’t need to visit anywhere else for your lovely honeymoon. Enjoy the beaches of Malta and explore the crystal-clear water. 

Expenses on a Wedding in Malta

wedding in Malta can be expensive but, only you have control over your finances. Considering various factors, the cost of a wedding can be managed. Here’s how? 

  • A wedding on a working weekday will cost you slightly less in contrast to a wedding on a weekend. However, the major cost deciding thing is the number of people that are going to attend the event. This is the first factor to consider while planning a wedding in Malta 
  • Next, the main money demanding thing is the venue. In such a beautiful island popular for weddings and parties, there are several options available. Although a wedding planner can guide you but, if you want to save money then you should plan this on your own. Few Things that are going to determine the cost of a venue are the number of guests and the food. 
  • You have a choice to civil or religious ceremonies, both are legally acceptable. Both of them include a low legal fees which is important to pay. However, you can perform the religious ceremonies in your own country and the civil ceremony in Malta. But, the latter will need legal documents. So, make sure to carry them along for a happy wedding in Malta.  
  • Your travel expenses and the number of days you are going to stay are also contributing factors. Book the tickets in advance for discounts. Also, weekend tickets will cost you more as compared to the weekday flights. Plus, your meals and other transportation charges in Malta itself will add to your wedding expenses. 
  • If you want to rent your wedding dresses then this can increase your overall expenses. It’s better to arrange them in your country. Decoration, flower arrangements, makeup and wedding cars are also some components of the overall budget.  
  • Lastly, the most important thing, wedding invitations. Wedding invitations can take a large portion of your overall budget but again, it depends on the number of guests. And, do not forget the honeymoon. If you plan to enjoy the honeymoon in Malta itself, then it is not going to add much cost to your budget. But, flying to another country will of course increase the costing. 

Things To Consider for a wedding in Malta

Here are some things that can help you if you are thinking to have a wedding in Malta. 

  • It is important for you to book a professional wedding planner in advance if you want one. They will guide you through the whole wedding and also can help you in case you are having any trouble. Be careful while booking as cheaper planners can ruin the event.  
  • A wedding in Malta is incomplete without drinks. So, if you want your expenses to be in limit make sure to choose the tab bar. Check for the price of each drink and then select accordingly. Also, compare the prices of an open bar and a tab bar. This way you can make your event more enjoyable while also being in the budget. 
  • Another important thing is the journey. Buy tickets on weekdays like Monday Tuesday and Wednesday as tickets are comparatively cheaper on those days. 
  • Check for the hidden costs carefully. Even if you have chosen a package that includes everything there might be chances that some necessary things are not listed in the packageThis will cause trouble in the end because there will be a huge difference in expected expenses and actual fees. 
  • wedding in Malta is expected to be the best. So, buy your services carefully. Watch reviews online, check the place yourself beforehand and then only should you finalize anything. Everything should be perfect as this is a very sensitive occasion.  

Final Words

wedding in Malta would be one from a movieThe atmosphere of the island is energetic and the climate is also favorable for any party or wedding. With numerous options for every service like venue, wedding planners and caterers, this island is perfect for weddings. Moreover, no need to worry about the honeymoon as you can enjoy in Malta itself after the wedding day. Expenses can also be controlled and you can make the best of everything on this island. Crystal clear waters and a blue sky every day would be the icing on your wedding cake! 

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